Western Australia Fishing Spots

Western AustraliaFishing Spots

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Where to go fishing, Western Australia


Derby has Australia’s biggest tides, reaching up to 11m in tidal difference. This can make fishing tricky, as launching a boat is...
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Fitzroy River Western Australia

Located 150km east of Broome and 80km south of Derby is Fitzroy River and Willare Bridge. The mighty King Sound pushes water...
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Dampier Peninsula

Dampier Peninsula stretches 220km north of Broome to Cape Leveque. The country side is rugged but beautiful. The western side of Dampier...
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Broome is popular and isolated tourist town, it attacks thousands of caravans and holiday makers every winter. Broome fishing is top notch...
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Roebuck Bay

Roebuck bay 25km drive from Broome and is famous for catches of big Threadfin Salmon. Since banning commercial netting in 2013 in...
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Eco Beach and Jacks Creek

Eco Beach resort is located 120km south of Broome, it is primarily a holiday resort with expensive accommodation, camping and caravans are...
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Barnhill FishingApproximately 140 kilometres south of Broome, with 10km of maintained unsealed road is the beautiful camp spot of Barnhill. Barnhill caravan...
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Port Smith

Port Smith Fishing Approximately 160 kilometres south of Broome, with 23km of maintained unsealed road is the beautiful camp spot of Port...
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80 Mile Beach

Eighty Mile Beach FishingEighty Mile beach seems like a endless beach, it stretches from Cape Keraudren to the south of Broome. The...

Cape Keraudren

Located 180km north of Port Hedland, Cape Keraudren is accessed via 13km of maintained unsealed dirt road. Camping is popular in the...
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Pardoo Station

Pardoo Station is a cattle station that has accommodation for caravans, campers and 88 air conditioned rooms and 4 houses. All modern...
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Port Hedland

Port Hedland is an isolated mining town roughly 1700km north of Perth. It is the last major town before Broome in the...
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Balla Balla

Balla Balla is an isolated camp site with no facilities, it is mostly only visited by keen anglers. There is no shade,...
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Point Samson

Point Samson is a popular holiday location for the nearby residents of Karratha and Dampier. There is accommodation and supplies, however anglers...
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Anketell Point

Anketell Point is a good area for camping close to Wickham. It is not a suitable for caravans, but makes for a...
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Cleaverville is 40km from Karratha with 13km of well-maintained dirt road. The camp is clearly sign posted and is hugely popular amongst...
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Dampier is a small coastal town 20mins drive from the mining town of Karratha. Famous for the Dampier Archipelago, a series of...
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Fortescue River

Fortescue River is an hour and half drive south of Karratha. The river has a good camp spot that is fairly popular...
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Gnoorea Point and 40 Mile Beach are 40 minutes south of Karratha. It is a designated camp ground with no facilities. Campers are...
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Onslow is a small coastal town located in the Pilbara region. It isn’t overly popular amongst tourists because it is located 80km...
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Giralia Bay / Exmouth Gulf

Giralia Bay is located 130km south of Exmouth township. Access to Giralia Bay is via Giralia Station, followed by a 40km dirt...
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Exmouth is a small tourist town and the gateway to Ninagaloo Reef Marine Park. The clear waters are lined with coral reefs...
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Coral Bay

A truly unique part of Australia, Coral Bay exist for tourism and fishing. The town is powered by a wind-diesel hybrid system....
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Located 150km north of Carnarvon is Quobba station. Quobba to Gnaraloo Station is regarded as having some of the best beach and...
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Carnarvon is located 900km north of Perth on the shallow sandy Gascoyne River. The waters around Carnarvon are pretty shallow, however the...
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Bush Bay

Located approximately 50km south of Canarvon is Bush Bay. A large camping area spread out across 10km of shallow beaches. The shallow...
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Gladstone Camp

Gladstone camp is a large camp ground with toilets. For land based anglers the incoming tide fishes fairly well around the jetty....
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Shark Bay and Cape Peron

Shark Bay is a World Heritage Site located 800km north of Perth in the Gascoyne Region of Western Australia. It is home...
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At the mouth of the Murchison River is Kalbarri. Known for its spectacular cliffs, famous surf break and gorgeous national park. Fishing...
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Gregory is small fishing port approximately 65km south of Kalbarri. Gregory is home to the famous “pink lakes” and to some great...
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Horrocks is a small cray fishing community 75k m north of Geraldton. Many keen anglers visit Horrocks every year. There is a...
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Located 420km north of Perth is Geraldton, a popular holiday spot. Geraldton fishing spots can be very productive. The land based fishing...
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Port Denison / Dongara

Like most small communities on the wheatbelt coast, Port Denison and Dongara are small lobster fishing towns. Port Denison has some good,...
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Greenhead is located only 20mins north of Jurien Bay. Land based fishing spots at Greenhead aren’t particularly productive due to the shallow...
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Jurien Bay

A popular holiday spot, located only 220km north of Perth. Land based Jurien Bay fishing spots are centred on chasing Whiting, Tailor,...
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Cervantes is a small fishing community of around 500 people. It is a popular holiday destination for Perth residents located only 200km...
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Ledge Point

Ledge Point is a small little cray fishing community only an hour's drive north of Perth. A four wheel drive is handy to access...
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Lancelin is a small craw fishing community, only an hour from Perth. The beach at Lancelin is protected by an outer reef,...
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Seabird is a small craw fishing community about 2hours north of Perth. Seabird fishing spots are focused around the beach near close...
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Guilderton is a small sleepy town 135km north of Perth, at the mouth of the Moore River. There are 2 options for...
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Perth is well known for its superb weather, beautiful beaches and the mighty Swan River that dominates the city. Perth fishing spots...
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Rockingham is only 45 minutes south of Perth, it is the southern most city in the Perth region. Its proximity to Perth...
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Mandurah Fishing Spots Mandurah is known for the large Peel-Harvey Estuary which the city is built around. The waters around Mandurah have...
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Bunbury has a diverse range of fishing spots, it is particularly popular for offshore fishing with a artificial reef just 5km offshore...
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Busselton is a small town approximately 3 hours south of Perth, it is known for its sheltered beach as swell is blocked...
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Dunsborough Fishing Spots Dunsborough is a great holiday destination for the travelling angler. Cape Naturaliste, Bunker Bay and Dunsborough produce good fishing...
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Yallingup to Margaret River

Margaret River is a beautiful small town approximately 300km south of Perth. Famous for its surf breaks and wine, the Margaret River...
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Augusta Fishing SpotsAugusta is well worth a visit for any kind of angler, it offers great estuary, beach and offshore fishing spots....
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Great Australian Bight

Great Australian Bight Fishing Spots The Great Australian Bight area offers some good fishing before the large cliff start heading towards South Australia....
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Poison Creek

Poison Creek FishingLocated between Cape Arid and Cape Pasely Poison Creek in relatively sheltered in a bay and produces fantastic Salmon fishing....
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Israelite Bay

Israelite Bay Fishing SpotsIsraelite Bay is strictly for 4WD anglers only as the road in is made up mostly of soft sand....
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Cape Le Grand

Cape Le Grand Fishing SpotsCape Le Grand is a beautiful National Park in Western Australia, approximately 631 km south-east of Perth and 56...
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Walpole in the Great Southern region of Western Australia is a picturesque small town that has some fantastic fishing spots for land...
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Denmark Fishing Denmark is a beautiful small town which provides fantastic fishing spots for all anglers whether land based or via small...
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Hopetoun Fishing Spots Hopetoun is a remote town located 585km from Perth and 160km west of Esperance. Hopetoun is fairly remote and...
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Bremer Bay

Bremer Bay Fishing Spots A relatively remote town, Bremer Bay offers some of the South West’s best fishing, from rock fishing for...
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Albany Fishing Spots Albany is a great fishing destination as it offers protection from prevailing winds from both the west and east...
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Bandy Creek – Esperance

Bandy Creek Boat Harbour is located only a few kilometers from Esperance, and it fishes well for Bream, Herring and Whiting on...
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Esperance is the last large town before heading towards the South Australia border. Esperance Fishing Spots are fantastic, with locations that are relatively...
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Steep Point / Dirt Harthog Island

Steep point is located approximately 900km north of Perth. It is around 12-15hour drive from Perth as the last 140km is via...
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Collie River

The Collie River Catchment covers 3000km2 and includes the Wellington Dam which is a valuable resource for agriculture and possibly drinking water...
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Harvey Dam

Harvey Dam is located approximately 140km from Perth and offers reasonably good fishing for Rainbow and Brown trout as well as Redfin...
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Murray River WA

The Murray River in Western Australia flows in from the Peel Inlet and stretches 134km into the Peel Region. The Murray River...
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Serpentine River Western Australia

The Serpentine River fishes well for Bream, Mulloway and Tailor. During the summer time the bream head upstream and the best places...
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Swan River

The Swan River is famous for Black Bream fishing, perhaps since they are easy to catch on bait but often a challenge...
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Myroodah Crossing

Located approximately 20 - 30km off the Great Northern Highway Myroodah Crossing is the cement crossing for Myroodah Station and it parts...
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verview of fishing, Western Australia

Western Australia is the premiere sport fishing state of Australia. From the northern tropical waters to the cold south the fishing spots in Western Australia are as diverse as the landscape.

Recommended Lures for Western Australia Fishing

Jewie 150

Good for: Barramundi, Jewfish - Black, Jewfish / Mulloway

Skippy Surface Lure

Good for: Yellowfin Bream, Yellowfin Whiting

Squidgies Slick Rig 130mm

Good for: Barramundi

Squidgies Pro Lobby

Good for: Black Bream, Bream, Whiting, Yellowfin Bream

Squidgies Pro Critter 55mm

Good for: Black Bream, Bream, Whiting, Yellowfin Bream

Squidgies Pro Flickbait 110mm

Good for: Giant Trevally, Golden Trevally, Spangled Emperor

Squidgies Pro Wriggler – 140mm

Good for: Golden Snapper / Fingermark

Squidgies Pro Wriggler – 100mm

Good for: Spangled Emperor

Squidgies Pro Wriggler – 80mm

Good for: Black Bream, Yellowfin Bream
Storm Fishing Jig for Snapper


Good for: Pink Snapper, Snapper
Storm Gomoku Fishing Jig


Good for: Pink Snapper, Queen Snapper, Samson fish, Snapper

Lucky Craft Sammy 65

Good for: Bream