Dolphin Fish Coryphaenidae hippurus

Can be found in warmer waters from Rottnest Trench to Broome and around the top to Queensland.

Dolphin Fish grow fast, up to double their size in 1 year, most fish average 7 to 13kg, however can grow up to 18kg.

Dolphin Fish grow fast, up to double their size in 1 year, most fish average 7 to 13kg, however can grow up to 18kg.

Dolphin fish are only found in deeper waters, fishing by boat is the best way to target them. They love to travel in the wake of boats often in large schools.

Fishing for Dolphin fish can be hit or miss, once a school is located they might feed very aggressively or they can be very fussy. They are a pelagic species therefore put up a tough fight.

Experience boat anglers often look for floating debris and birds near the edge of the reefs, that should be around 15-40m deep. Dolphin Fish can often be found swimming near debris such as floating wood, palm trees and fronds, or weed lines and fish buoys. Sea birds dive for food accompanying the debris or sargasso. Experienced fishing guides can tell what species are likely around the debris by the birds’ behaviour.

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Towns & creeks to fish for Dolphin Fish

Coral BayHervey Bay OffshoreGold CoastSteep Point / Dirt Harthog IslandMooloolabaExmouthGold Coast Offshore

Regions to fish for Dolphin Fish

Sunshine CoastSouth East QueenslandGascoyneWide Bay BurnettGold Coast

Species list

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