Jewfish / Mulloway

Mulloway, also known as jewfish or soapies, are a popular target for recreational fishers in Australia.

Mulloway, also known as jewfish, typically spawn in late autumn to early winter, although the exact timing can vary depending on factors such as water temperature and location. In southern Australia, mulloway spawning usually occurs from May to August, while in more northern areas such as Queensland, spawning can occur from March to August.

During the spawning season, adult mulloway move from their deeper offshore habitats into estuaries and nearshore areas, where they congregate in large numbers to spawn. This can make mulloway easier to target for recreational fishers, but it’s important to keep in mind that mulloway are a valuable and often overfished species, so make sure to follow local fishing regulations and guidelines to help protect the population.

How to catch Mulloway?

Mulloway, also known as jewfish or soapies, are a popular target for recreational fishers in Australia. Here are some common methods for catching mulloway:

  1. Bait fishing: Mulloway are often caught using bait, particularly live bait such as mullet, herring, or squid. Baits can be cast out from shore or from a boat, and it can be effective to use a running sinker rig with a long leader.
  2. Lure fishing: Lures can also be effective for catching mulloway. Soft plastic lures that imitate baitfish or prawns can be particularly effective. Mulloway are often caught near structures such as jetties or bridge pylons, so casting around these areas can be effective.
  3. Surf fishing: Mulloway are often caught in the surf zone along beaches, particularly during the cooler months. Fishing with live bait or lures can be effective in the surf, and it can be helpful to cast your line out as far as possible.
  4. Night fishing: Mulloway are often more active at night, so fishing during the evening or early morning can be effective. It can be helpful to use a light with a red filter to attract fish without spooking them.
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Recommended Lures for Jewfish / Mulloway Fishing

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