Maroochydore and Maroochy River Fishing Spots

Maroochydore Fishing Spots

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26°38'30.69" S, 153°5'10.4" E

Maroochydore fishing spots are mainly focused around the Maroochy River. There are also some great beach fishing spots both north and south of Maroochydore.

Fishing around Maroochydore beaches anglers can expect mainly Tarwhine, Tailor, Jewfish, Dart and the odd small Squire (small Snapper). Maroochy River produces Mangrove Jack, Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Trevally and the odd Grunter.

Land Based fishing Maroochydore Beaches

The beach fishing is broken into distinct seasons; late winter to December produces the best beach fishing. Anglers can target Jewfish from winter onwards, strip mullet and live mullet on an incoming tide works the best. Look for deep gutters along the beaches and at the headlands near Coolum. Fishing these locations at night is the best bet for a jewie.

Tailor also make their annual run north during Winter. They can be targeted on Metal Slugs and strip mullet baits.

Over Summer, early mornings, Pelagics like School Mackerel will sometimes move in close to the rocky headlands. They can often been seen chopping up the waters not from shore. They will happily take metal slugs and poppers ripped through the water.

First Point Coolum

Look for the deeper gutters, the incoming tide and top of the tide fishes best for Tailor, Jew and Pelagics.

Point Arkwright

A deeper gutter runs along the rocks and Pelagics can often been seen not far offshore. This spot also has some good rocky structure where jewfish hold in to feed on high tide.

Mudjimba Rocks

The sand moves around along the beaches however these rocks are often exposed which creates good structure for Tarwhine. They will take most baits rigged on light tackle.

Maroochy River Mouth

The river mouth has ever changing sand but always has a deep hole where Jewfish sometimes hold in, particularly after big rains and in Spring. Tailor sometimes move in close to the river mouth.

Pincushion Rocks also creates some good gutters at the front of the river mouth. Bream and Tarwhine are the main catches here, Bream being the most active at the river mouth during winter.

The southern side of the river mouth has several sandbag walls. Check these out for deeper channels where the odd Tailor can be targeted.

Maroochy River

The river is heavily fished despite this, the Maroochy River remains healthy, and the fishing can be really fun. The Maroochy River offers some great fishing spots and its worth the trip if you are anywhere on the Sunshine Coast.

The Maroochy River extends from the mouth at Cottontree to the ranges of Mooloolah and Blackall with 26km of fishable water, not including the fresh water. There are 3 catchment dams on the Maroochy River, Wappa Dam, Cooloolabin Dam and Poona Dam, all of which have native Australian Bass.

The health of the ecosystem for the Maroochy River has been on a slow increase and fishing in the Maroochy River remains relatively good. The Flathead and Bream population is really great despite the fishing pressure.

Maroochydore Flathead from a small feeder creek on the run out tide in the Maroochy River
Maroochydore Flathead from a small feeder creek on the run out tide in the Maroochy River

The River is probably a little underrated by travelling anglers however lure based anglers will be rewarded with flathead, bream, trevally, whiting and even mangrove jack in summer. Further upstream in the North Maroochy River on the northern side of Ninderry Road and in the Eudlo Creek are native Australian Bass. Kayak launching is possible from the Ninderry road.

Fishing the Seasons in Maroochy River


Yellowfin Bream can be found foraging in shallow waters and tight in mangrove structure throughout the river. Bream will also head upstream during summer, so they can be found almost anywhere in the creeks. Dusky Flathead start spawning around Spring. Flathead will be found closer to the mouth of the Maroochy River during summer. Whiting come out in good numbers and can be targeted on poppers over weed and yabby beds in Summer. Australian Bass make their way upstream, as the water heats up the Bass come alive in the North Maroochy area. There isn’t massive Bass in the Maroochy River, but they are plentiful around snags and higher in the water column, great fun on surface lures at dawn and dusk. Summer is also a great time to target Mangrove Jack on strip mullet, livies and lures. The best places to target looking are up Eudlo and Petrie Creeks. Some days they’re on and anglers catch several jacks while other days can be very quiet. Long casts and thoroughly working snags from all angels is key to success.


When cold weather starts moving in, Bream go into deeper water. Bream will also start moving down stream in late Autumn. Flathead start moving back upstream. Australian Bass slowly start moving downstream in anticipation for the Winter spawning. The Bass are much harder to catch during this period.


Bream spawn near estuary entrances during July and August, so fishing around the mouth of the rivers is the best. During winter, the bream will also be in deep water where there is overlying mud. Flathead fishing is often at its best in the Maroochy River in winter, with less boat traffic and calm winds. The Bass move into estuarine reaches for spawning. They can shutdown during this time, bass will also be found in open waters deeper in the water column. Slow techniques and deep water fishing is effective during winter on all species.


Bream start heading back up stream after spawning. Late spring is a good time to target Dusky flathead head around the Bli Bli area and upstream, fish around the small creek mouths and drop offs, the out going tide is the best. The male flathead start moving around and this can be a productive time for smaller flathead. Bass move upstream after spawning in the Maroochy River. As the water warms the bass become more predatory. Often the bass are trapped in pools until the rain comes.

Fishing Maroochydore, from Cottontree to Ninderry

Starting at the mouth of the Maroochy River there is often strong turbulent waters from the incoming and outgoing tides. Big bream can be caught around the mouth of Maroochy River during Winter.

Further from the mouth on the southern side is deep water where Bream can be taken on prawn baits. On the northern side is Black Banks which on low tide has large yabbie beds, fishing these beds on high tide is great for whiting and bream, shallow running crank baits work well.

The Sunshine Plaza fishes great for Bream, Flathead and large resident Estuary Cods, however access can be tricky for land based anglers as you are required to walk along large rocks under the Plaza. It is possible to kayak and boat into here.

If there is a large incoming or outgoing tide anglers should consider flicking 65-100mm soft plastics around Twin Waters Weir for Trevally.

Directly opposite the weir on the southern side of Maroochy River is another fantastic fishing spot – Chambers Island. With great access for land based fishermen this is a good fishing spot to target Whiting on poppers and flathead on soft plastics. In South East Queensland targeting Flathead is best with soft plastics or hardbody lures in a red or pink colour, remember when using soft plastics for Flathead not to lift the rod too high when jigging.

Another popular fishing spot in the Maroochy River is the Cod Hole – which is often crowded with bait bashers, however this deep hole of 8m with rubble bottom holds some large fish at times including Jew / Mulloway, Mangrove Jack (summer) and Trevally. Live bait is the best tactic at the Cod Hole in Maroochydore, but it does seem fished out.

Heading upstream the best time to fish is an outgoing tide, targeting Flathead around the drop offs and small feeder creeks is usually successful. Also around the deep holes near Coolum creek can sometimes hold school Jew / Mulloway however access is only via boat or kayak.

Maroochy River Freshwater Bass

Towards the Bruce Highway bridge and Yandina the Maroochy River splits into tributaries, North Maroochy River and South Maroochy River. The water in these parts I brackish however the odd Yellowfin Bream and Flathead still hang around these parts.

Australian Bass caught from Eudlo Creek, Great bass fishing on the Sunshine Coast
Australian Bass caught from Eudlo Creek, Great bass fishing on the Sunshine Coast!

Heading upstream from the Ninderry Road bridge anglers can target native wild Australian Bass, the creek has some deep pools with thick snags and over hanging trees. During the Summer time the bass can really hit hard making the North Maroochy River a great fishing spot. Land based access here can be difficult and is best approached in a Kayak.

The South Maroochy River is also mainly reserved for kayak based fishermen however there are a few access points for land based anglers wishing to fish the Maroochy River. From the Bruce Highway Bridge and upstream to Wappa Dam are Bass and the odd Bream and Flathead.

Where to go fishing near Maroochydore?

  • David Low Bridge

    Rocky structure here is a popular spot for baiting Mangrove Jack during summer.

  • Oyster Bank Road

    Access to deeper water and good structure for land based anglers. The change of the tide produces...

  • Maroochy Drain

    Larger feed creek is always worth a cast around the mouth for Flathead on a run...

  • Coolum Creek Junction

    Good flathead fishing on an outgoing tide around the drop offs where Coolum Creek meets the...

  • Cane Train Bridge

    A good place to live bait for Mangrove Jack in Summer during the night. The rest...

  • Boggy Creek Mouth

    Good fishing for Flathead and Bream on a large run out tide. Hard body and soft...

  • Apps Road

    A good spot to try live baiting for Mangrove Jack during the summer. Strip mullet baits...

  • Caboolture Creek mouth

    Good snags around the mouth of this small feeder creek, usually holds fish. Flathead on the...

  • Bli Bli Hole

    Deep hole here holds school jew at times. Best fished during Winter and Spring during a...

  • Maroochy River Feeder Creek no.1

    Larger feeder creek that has Flathead on the last of the run out tide. Bream also...

  • Maroochy Feeder Creeks

    Fish the small feeder creeks on an outgoing tide for Flathead. Red soft plastics work really...

  • Bli Bli Oyster Rack

    The oyster rack here provides good structure for Bream. It can fish well on both incoming...

  • Eudlo Creek Bass

    Australian Bass in Eudlo Creek, they will take a variety of lures, small hard body minnows...

  • Eudlo Creek Mangrove Jack

    Mangrove Jack have been caught in the deeper waters along this stretch of Eudlo Creek. Long...

  • Petrie Creek Deep

    Deep waters around the bend and next bend further upstream. Good spot to set out a...

  • Petrie Creek Mouth

    Fish the out going tide in the deeper hole around towards the shore for Bream and...

  • Twin Waters

    Sitting on live baits during summer can produce Mangrove Jack from the canals here. Rest of...

  • Chambers Island

    Land based anglers can target Whiting and Bream on poppers here over summer. Best fished early...

  • Black Bank

    Good flats fishing during a rising tide in Summer for Whiting and Bream. Small shallow diving...

  • Twin Waters Deep Hole

    Bream hold in the deep hole during the moving tides. Best fish with small vibes or...

  • Channel Island Maroochydore

    Fish the outgoing tide with soft plastics for Flathead during Summer.

  • Maroochy Rock Wall

    Fish the rock wall on the smaller outgoing tides for Bream and Cod. Soft plastics work...

  • Maroochy Cod Hole

    Heavily fished deep hole with a hard bottom. Holds large numbers of bait fish, best fished...

  • Twin Waters Weir

    Small Bream around the weir. On an outgoing tide Trevally and Bream on the Maroochy River...

  • Maroochy Flathead

    Good flathead fishing on the outgoing tide in Spring.

  • Sunshine Plaza

    Walk under the Sunshine Plaza or boat in for Bream, Flathead and Estuary Cod on Soft...

  • Maroochy River Bream Flats

    Fish the ever changing flats on an incoming tide for Bream, look got eddies and still...

  • Maroochy River Tailor

    Cast metal slugs into the turbulent water for Trevally and Tailor.

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Recommended Lures for Maroochydore

Click here to find the best lures for fishing Maroochydore. 5 stars mean this lure has been hand picked for Maroochydore.

Bream Prawn Vibe

Suited to Maroochydore.
Good for: Yellowfin Bream
Squidgies Pro Wriggler - 100mm - Bloodworm

Pro Wriggler – 100mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Bass, Trevally

Twisty 55g

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Tailor

Roosta Popper 160

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Trevally
Storm Fishing Jig for Snapper


Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Trevally

Squidgies Pro Lobby

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Whiting, Yellowfin Bream

Skippy Surface Lure

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Yellowfin Bream
Bream Lure the Strike Pro Pygmy 2

Pygmy 2 – Strike Pro

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Bass, Yellowfin Bream

Lucky Craft Sammy 65

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Bass

Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Bass

Squidgies Pro Wriggler – 80mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Yellowfin Bream

Jewie 150

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Jewfish / Mulloway

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9 Comments on “Maroochydore” fishing

  • Lee


    Where abouts do you recommend we fish from 2pm tomorrow afternoon in the Maroochydore river area, Bradman Avenue end to Cotton Tree?
    We will be boat fishing with prawns, squid, pilchard & Mullet strip.
    Plan on staying until we catch a bloody fish!!!

    • Fishing Spots


      Hey Lee, thats the spirit mate! After all the rain there is still a bit of fresh water around. The whiting have been firing up around Goat and Chambers Island, they love yabbies so if you have a yabbi pump get a few for bait, cast the bait out into the dirty water. If you’re on the water at 2pm the last of the outgoing tide, fish the run off at the back of Channel Island for bream and flatties. Apparently there has been some school jewfish lately, on the dead low try casting out your mullet strips at the mouth of the river, it should be about 4m deep, but move on when the tide starts to run fast, its only a small window of time. I’ve had success on small jewfish here but further upstream. As the tide comes in, you can try at the Twin Waters weir, just upstream in the deeper water there is usually a few bream sitting in the current. There is also some trevally around the weir, they should turn up as it gets dark. I got a few Trevally on poppers a few weeks ago around here. Otherwise fish the shallow flats on the incoming tide for whiting and bream, the same sand banks you pumped the yabbies from (if you do!). The prawns are running as well so keep an eye on your sounder, they’ll show up as clutter on your sounder. Here is a link to the latest Maroochy River fishing report . Good luck mate, hope you get a few and I’d love to know how you go!

  • George Tovo


    Want to take the grandsons squidding can you recommend a good place

  • Ian faucett


    Heading to Maroochydore tomorrow can you recommend a spot to go for a fish . Only beach fishing as I have no boat
    And do you recommend bait or a lure

    • Jase McCauley


      If you’re willing to spring for fuel, I have a 4m open tinny well equipped to fish the Maroochy river and creeks. Cant guarantee a fish but can guarantee a safe enjoyable trip ? I’d be happy to take you out wherever you want to go…

      • Rod Powell


        Hey Jase,

        The missus and I are heading up on Queens B’day weekend for a week. I might do a day offshore but would like to fish the estuary for a morning or arvo with someone who knows the place well. Happy to cover fuel and a couple of drinks after if you’re keen. You can email me at and we could set it up. Cheers!

  • Josh M


    Hi, I’m visiting the Mudjimba caravan park and keen to try surf fishing. Any suggestions on bait?

  • jai


    hey just wondering where the best land fishing is around coolum to maroochydore
    around this month and next month
    and aslo the best times to go

  • Gareth


    I’m new to the Sunshine Coast and love my fishing. Is there anyone out there looking to show me around some fishing spots?I’m willing to pitch in for fuel and whatever else needed.

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