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Voted the best lure in a Queensland from a survey of over 100 different types of fish catching lures (source). The Squidgy Wriggle 100mm in Bloodworm colour is on of the most versatile soft plastic lures. From Bream, Flathead to Mangrove Jacks and Fingermark, the Squidgy Wriggler in 100mm Bloodworm colour is a tried and tested lure.

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The famous Squidgy Pro Wriggler soft plastic fishing lure is the deluxe version of the soft plastic designs that placed Squidgies on the map. The Squidgy Pro Wriggler soft plastic has been one of the most popular lure amongst soft plastic anglers throughout the nation and continues to dominate this form of angling.

The Squidgy Pro Wriggler soft plastic lure is one of the three original Squidgy tail designs with the Wriggler being a variation on the traditional curly-tailed grubs from the past. The Squidgy Pro Wriggler soft plastic lure has a finer tail for fast vibrations and belly flaps to create both an irresistible sonic wave and also give the impression of legs. The Squidgy Pro Wriggler closely mimics the action of Australian marine worms, shrimps, prawns and other invertebrates. Squidgy have put together a scent that sends fish into a feeding frenzy! Once the fish get a hint of this scent they’re all over it like a crab on a rock! It’s called S Factor and available in the Pro range Squidgies only!

The Squidgy Pro Wriggler 100mm is an absolute weapon on any estuary species and has long been the stand out plastic for Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Trevally, and Estuary Perch and is extremely effective on Bass and other freshwater Perch Species. The Squidgy Pro Wriggler 100mm is also a gun plastic on the Trout scene.

Features and Specifications

  • Length is 100 mm
  • Packet contains 5 plastic lures
  • Curled tail for a irresistible fast vibration
  • Available in a great range of highly productive colours exclusive to the Pro Range
  • Suitable for both fresh and saltwater species
  • Belly flaps to create both an irresistible sonic wave and also give the impression of legs
  • Includes Squidgies famous S Factor Scent


  • The Squidgy Pro Wriggler is an improvement on the standard Squidgy Fish that has been one of the most popular soft plastics in the nation and even today continues to grow in popularity due to its unrivalled success so you can purchase this plastic with the confidence it really works!
  • Whether you’re flicking plastics around the estuary or stalking Perch or trout in the streams the Squidgy Pro Wriggler 100 is the perfect plastic for the job and combined with the famous Squidgy S Factor Scent the fish don’t stand a chance!
  • The Squidgy Pro Wriggler comes in a vast selection of colours all designed to work on Australian species. Can’t turn a scale? Wack on a Squidgy Pro Wriggler and hang on!

Jig Heads

The most appropriate jig heads to use with this particular lure (not included) are Jig heads with a hook size #1, 1/0 or 2/0

Try a Squidgy pro wriggler 100mm soft plastic fishing lure today!

Additional information

Weight 560426548 kg

Bloodworm, Evil Minnow, Lava, Wasabi


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