Bonefish Albula vulpes

Fly fishing for Bonefish is hugely popular amongst anglers and often the way to catch them

Bonefish can grow up to 90cm and 8.6kg in weight.

The bonefish weighs up to 19 lb (8.6 kg) and measures up to 90 cm (35 in) long

Anglers, mostly fly fishermen travel long distances to catch Bonefish on a lure or fly. The Bonefish are targeted on the incoming tide when they move onto mud flats, they often hang in pairs eating shrimp, crabs and worms from the sand.

From Shark Bay to Hervey Bay.

Bonefish are a highly prized sport fish found in tropical and subtropical waters worldwide, including the waters of Australia. They are known for their speed and elusive nature, making them a challenging target for anglers.

In Australia, bonefish are primarily found in the northern parts of the country, in places like the Great Barrier Reef, Shark Bay, the Torres Strait, and the waters off the coast of northern Queensland and Western Australia. They inhabit shallow, sandy flats and are often caught by fly fishers using small, lightweight flies and light tackle.

Bonefish are typically caught and released, as they are not commonly eaten due to their small size and bony flesh. They are highly valued by sport fishers for their fighting ability and acrobatic jumps, which can make for an exciting catch.

While bonefish populations in Australia have historically been low, efforts have been made to protect and conserve these fish through catch-and-release fishing and other measures. It is important for anglers to follow local regulations and best practices to ensure the sustainability of bonefish populations and the future of this sport fishery.

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Towns & creeks to fish for Bonefish

ExmouthSteep Point / Dirt Harthog Island

Regions to fish for Bonefish


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