Blue Bastard Parapercis colias

A prized fly fishing target, the Blue Bastard is a fantastic sport fish.

Blue Bastard is a species of fish found in the coastal waters of Australia. Scientifically known as Parapercis colias, it is a member of the sandperch family and is known for its distinctive blue-green coloration. The fish has a slender body and can grow up to 60 cm in length.

Blue Bastards are found in rocky, coral reef areas and on shallow sandy and rubble flats, and are often caught by recreational fishers using bait, lures and flys. They are not typically targeted by commercial fishers due to their smaller size and lower value compared to other species.

While the name “Blue Bastard” may seem derogatory, it is a commonly used name for this fish in Australia and does not necessarily reflect any negative connotations. In fact, many fish species have unusual or colloquial names in different regions, and these names are often based on local folklore or cultural references.

Blue Bastard are a prized target when fly fishing, find blue bastards cruising the flats can be a rare sight however does happen. Popular spots for blue bastards are north of the tropic of Capricorn, with places like Weipa being hot spots.

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