Baldchin Groper Choerodon rubescens

Arguably one of the hardest pulling and best tasting fish in Australia.

Baldchin Gropers can grow up to 90cm and 7 kg in weight

Baldchin Gropers can grow up to 90cm and 7 kg in weight

Only found in Western Australia between Coral Bay and Cape Naturalist, their main habitat includes reefy outcrops 10-100m deep, the smaller fish can also be found in shallow weedy areas near reefs.

Baldies are powerful fish, they a generally targeted on bait, however they will often take crustacean style lures and soft plastics. Do not under estimate there ability to bust you off as they dive for cover into holes or amongst rocks and coral.

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Towns & creeks to fish for Baldchin Groper

Steep Point / Dirt Harthog IslandLancelinShark Bay and Cape PeronGeraldtonKalbarriGregoryPerthQuobbaGreenheadHorrocksPort Denison / DongaraCoral BayJurien Bay

Regions to fish for Baldchin Groper

Mid WestGascoynePilbaraPerthWheatbelt

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