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Perth is well known for its superb weather, beautiful beaches and the mighty Swan River that dominates the city. Perth fishing spots vary greatly, and are very seasonal based on the Leeuwin current and rainfall. The Leeuwin current is a warm ocean current that travels down the west coast of Australia, bringing warm water and tropical fish. Perth fishing spots change again when the warm current cool downs, then Australia Salmon move into Swan River and Perth Beaches. There is no doubt Perth is heavily fished, which makes it important for anglers to target the great fish at the right time of year. 

A Detailed guide to Perth Fishing Spots


Fishing around Perth in summer, schools of smaller Tailor move along the beaches, Black Bream move upstream in the Swan River and Spanish Mackerel around the reefs. Small mulloway in the rivers and upstream, often a by catch for anglers targeting bream.


Australian Salmon move north along the west coast and enter the Swan River, along Perth beaches and around the numerous groynes. The Black Bream are still upstream before the winter rains come.


Winter moves the Black Bream down stream as they search for more salinity in the waters. Its now a good time to fish the Perth yacht clubs, jetty’s and flats around Fremantle for bream. Big tailor are around the Perth reefs in winter. Pink Snapper seek shelter near break walls and in marinas after storms and rough seas.

Year round angles can fish around Perth for Whiting, Flathead, Skippy, Mulloway, Herring and Tailor. Tailor and herring are best targeted at dawn and dusk. Mulloway at the groynes, beach gutters and jetty’s at night. Other species can be found all day long.

Swan River

The mighty Swan River dominates the Perth landscape and makes up the bulk of the fishing spots in Perth. There are numerous land based fishing spots in the Swan River, which allow angles access to Black Bream, Whiting, Flathead, Tailor, Herring and the odd Mulloway. There is an entire section on the website dedicated to Swan River fishing spots, click the link to read more.

Perth Beach Fishing Spots

The Perth beaches from Yanchep to Rockingham produce some good catches of Tailor, Whiting, Mulloway and Australian Salmon in Autumn.

Two Rocks

Two rocks have several good beach and reef fishing spots where anglers can target Tailor and Mulloway. To the north of Two Rocks are some 4wd tracks which allow anglers to drive along the beach to find reef and gutters to fish.

The Two Rocks marina fishes well for Skippy, Herring and Tailor. South of Two Rocks is a long stretch of beach with many reefy patches, which are great places to target Tailor on metal slugs, poppers and shallow diving minnow lures. Dawn and dusk on an incoming tide are the best times to target the Tailor.


The lagoon protected by an outer reef fishes well for Tailor and whiting. Cast metal slugs and poppers over the reefy patches for Tailor. Small poppers and minnows for whiting.


Pipidinny is a surf beach fishing spot north of Perth, Tailor is the main catch in the deeper gutters. Mulloway are also a possibility, particularly at night.

Mindarie Keys Marina

Mindarie marina provides a good platform for anglers to fish around the rocks for Tailor and Herring. First light produces the best catches.

Burns Beach

A large reef extends out from burns beach with deep holes, it is a prime location to target Tailor on poppers, sinking stick baits and fast retrieved metal slugs.

Pinnaroo Point

Good access to deeper water where anglers can target tailor, herring and Mulloway at night.

Hillarys Marina

Heavily fished by bait anglers, Hillary’s marina produces Skippy, Herring, Bream, Tailor and whiting.

Sorrento Beach to Trigg point

The stretch of beach from Sorrento Beach to Trigg point fishes well for whiting, Tarwhine, tailor and herring. Towards Trig Point at Watermans Beach lay numerous rocky reefs which produce herring and tailor, target them on metal slugs and poppers over the reef. Australian Salmon can also hold around the gutters in Autumn.

Trigg Beach

The sand patches between the reef make Trigg beach an ideal place to target whiting year round. Autumn also can produce Australia Salmon, which shelter in the in the reef holes and gutters.

Scarborough Beach

Tailor on metal slugs, poppers and sinking sticks baits during summer.

Swanbourne Beach Drain

At the south of Swanboune Beach is a drain that lets out storm water into the ocean, fishing can be good here for Tailor and Herring. Australian Salmon are a possibility in Autumn.

Cottesloe Rock Groyne

The most popular beach in Perth, the Cottesloe rock groyne gets heavily fished, but year round there is a good chance of a tailor, best fished early mornings and late afternoons when there is a light sea breeze.

North Mole & South Mole Fishing

One of the most popular Perth fishing spots, the North Mole rock walls protect the Swan River mouth from natural and human erosion. Both the North and South mole offer a huge range of species throughout the year.

During the day the North Mole and South Mole at Swan River fish well for Bonito and Salmon around and after Easter. All year round Whiting, Flathead, Bream, Herring and Blue Mackerel. North Mole also offers the odd Spanish Mackerel.

During the night bait soakers target Mulloway, Snapper and Sharks. Snapper tend to come in close during and after very rough seas.

Around easter the North Mole can fish well for Australia Salmon, light tackle anglers can cast heavy slugs a long distance for a chance at the salmon.

Offshore Perth Fishing

Boat based anglers have access to some very good Perth fishing spots. Over the past few years the offshore fishing around Perth has improved despite heavy recreational fishing. This is mostly thanks to management of recreational fishing sustainability work of RecFishWest.

Offshore fishing spots in Perth offer anglers a wide range of species including Dhufish, Pink Snapper, Baldchin Groper, King George Whiting, Silver Trevally and Samson Fish. During summer, Spanish mackerel and Tuna also turn up.

It isn’t necessary to travel far offshore from Perth to get good fish, the reefs off from Two Rocks, Ocean Reef Marina and at Cockburn sound all produce quality fish. These reefs all produce Herring and the sand patches offer Whiting. Cockburn sound is the best spot to target Pink Snapper around June and July before the spawning closure starts. Further offshore, the fishing spots only get better, the FADs west of Rottnest Island even hold Dolphin Fish at times.

Two Rocks

Numerous reefs not far offshore produce Dhufish, Pink Snapper and Samson. Bottom jigging is the best tactic, micro jigs have become a increasingly popular method. Soft plastics also work well.

Ocean Reef

The inshore reefs produce herring, Tailor, Skippy and Whiting. Further out, the reefs fish well for Dhufish, Pink Snapper and Samson Fish. Sound around to find rubble grounds and isolated pinnacles, the drift over these spots with soft plastics just above the bottom.


Offshore from Hillarys has some great reef areas. The fishing here produces Pink Snapper, Samson Fish and Dhufish. Sound around the deeper holes with broken ground, then drift a soft plastic over them. Dawn and dusk are the best times to target Pink Snapper in the shallower waters.

Cockburn Sound to Rockingham

From Fremantle to Garden Island up to Straggler Rocks, is prime fishing territory. Fantastic fishing spots await anglers throughout Cockburn Sound. A breeding ground for Pink Snapper, throughout the year many fish are caught all around the Rockingham area despite the heavy fishing pressure. Read the dedicated page to Rockingham and Cockburn Sound Fishing Spots.

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Perth Fishing Report

Perth Fishing Report March 14, 2017

Spanish mackerel continue to be caught on trolled bibbed minnows and rigged garfish off the metropolitan coast. Areas where mackerel were caught this past week, included Coventry Reef, Cockburn Sound, Five Fathom... Read more

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Recommended Lures for Perth We're still working on the equation for the best lures, so please be patient!

Laser Pro 160

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Salmon, Giant Herring, Spanish Mackerel

Twisty 70g

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Salmon, Tailor
Squidgies Pro Range Wriggler - 65mm

Pro Wriggler – 65mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Black Bream, Flathead

Squidgies Pro Wriggler – 80mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Black Bream
Berkley Gulp! Shrimp 2"

Gulp Shrimp 2″

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Black Bream, Flathead
Bream Lure the Strike Pro Pygmy 2

Pygmy 2 – Strike Pro

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Black Bream

Twisty 55g

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Salmon, Giant Herring, Silver Trevally, Spanish Mackerel, Tailor

Squidgies Pro Critter 55mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Black Bream

Jewie 150

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Jewfish / Mulloway
Squidgies Pro Wriggler - 100mm - Bloodworm

Pro Wriggler – 100mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Flathead

Squidgies Pro Lobby

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Black Bream

Laser Pro 120

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Salmon

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  1. andy karakurt

    Hi. i normally go fishing at night time in perth cause the blowies seem to disappear. as soon as it’s day time they are everywhere. can suggest any spots that are blowie free during the day land base?.
    Thanks for your time

    • max lindley

      if u going for bream use whole mussels as the blowies cant get through the shell or even just use lures

    • Heather Henderson

      Off farmer freeway by the new optus stadium

  2. Felipe Sokolovsky

    I’m new here in Australia. And I like to fish with live bait… my question is if it is allowed to use small whitings for bait? Is there any environmental problem with that?

    • Luke Van Lathum

      Only if you get caught. Nah, whiting is okay as long as they are legal size. Otherwise use diver whiting at any size.

  3. Rex Humes

    Hey guys just wanted to know where are some fishing spots around Perth to take my boy during holidays. ..

  4. Tony Ghiselli

    Where’s the best kayak fishing spots in the Perth region, and what soft plastics are good to use?

  5. John

    Guys, coming over from eastern states next week Any tips for St Perth & Como land based fishing John

  6. Colin

    Just had an epic fish caught 7 massive whiting they were all longer than my shoe . And I’m a size 11 Never have I caught whiting so fat and long Stocked

  7. tony ghiselli

    hey just here again, wandering where the best spots are for salmon during the season.

    • Luke Van Lathum

      Hey mate, some great spots down south at Margaret River if you’re keen to travel.

  8. Tony Ghiselli

    I was driving my dads boat on the wknd and i crased it into elixabeth key when i was fishnin

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