Pro Wriggler – 65mm


A dynamite soft plastic on fickle Bream and Whiting. The natural colours and constant tail action while the lure sinks makes the Squidgies Wriggler the lure of choice for most Bream anglers all around Australia.

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The Squidgy Wriggler soft plastic fishing lure is one of the all-time Australian favorites when it comes to soft plastic lure fishing. In fact Squidgy don’t think they have made a better lure than the magic Squidgy Wriggler. The Squidgy Wriggler is a curly tailed grub style plastic and is considered a top finesse lure with its deadly tail action.

The Squidgy Wriggler 65mm size soft plastic fishing lure is ideal for working estuaries for species such as bream, flathead, trevally and estuary perch and has even accounted for some impressive mulloway! The Squidgy Wriggler soft plastic fishing lure is also a great freshwater lure for bass and other perch species and trout in fact almost anything with a tail will climb all over the Wriggler!

There are 7 soft plastic lures in a packet of Squidgy Wrigglers and they are 65mm in length. By buying multiple weight range jig heads the Squidgy Wriggler can be used to work the shallows to the deep. The recommended hook size is size #4 or #2 in a Squidgy round head jig or size #4 or #6 in a Squidgy Finesse or Squidgy Resin head jig. The Squidgy Wriggler is going to blow your mind with its incredible results, grab some today you won’t be disappointed!


Features and specifications

  • Fishing Lure size is 65mm
  • Available in proven fish catching colours to suit any situation
  • 6 plastics per packet
  • Ideal for deep or shallow luring just use suitable weight jig heads
  • Suits Jig head hook sizes #6, #4 or #2
  • Curly tail grub style body 


  • The Squidgy Wriggler comes in a range of sizes and these are the 65mm size suitable for most Estuarine species and is a unbeatable weapon against bream, bass and trout!
  • The Squidgy Wriggler soft plastic fishing lure comes in colours proven to be successful in any fishing scenario.
  • The Squidgy Wriggler is great value considering you receive 7 plastic lures per packet.
  • By using lighter or heavier jig heads the Squidgy Wriggler is versatile enough to fish all water depths.
  • The Squidgy Wriggler 65mm plastic has a Curly tail and grub style body that is simply irresistible to fish and has proven to be one of the most popular soft plastic lures in the country.

So, be sure to add some of these fantastic Squidgy wriggler 65mm soft plastic fishing lures to your cart and see what the hype is all about.

Additional information

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Bloodworm, Evil Minnow, Lava, Wasabi


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