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32°16'41.81" S, 115°43'40.57" E

Rockingham is only 45 minutes south of Perth, it is the southern most city in the Perth region. Its proximity to Perth and size means it has definitely copped a lot of fishing pressure, but for dedicated anglers, Rockingham fishing spots still produce some great fish. Rockingham beaches are well protected from large swells by outer reefs, a number of small islands and Garden Island. Cockburn sound is the main area well protected from the seas. A strong sea breeze can still cause choppy conditions, but sometimes this is a good thing for Tailor. The fishing spots in Rockingham are quite accessible, although a boat or kayak will allow anglers access to better fishing, especially for the famous Pink Snapper and with relatively protected waters its not hard to find good fish close by. Anglers willing to explore and time their fishing trips, will be pleasantly rewarded.

The main fish targeted in Rockingham are Pink Snapper, Mulloway, Flathead, Tailor, Herring, Silver Trevally, Samson Fish, Yellowtail Kingfish, both King George and Yellowfin Whiting and Australia Salmon during their annual migration in Autumn.

The greatest thing about fishing Rockingham is the chance to catch Mulloway and Pink Snapper from one of the many jetties or rock walls. The peak season for Pink Snapper is Winter around the raining / stormy period, before they move into CockBurn Sound for spawning. There is a demersal fishing closures in Spring. These fishing closures play an important part of keeping our fisheries sustainable, Pink Snapper spawn during this period.

The best chance at a Pink Snapper close to shore in Rockingham is after a few days of rough seas and poor weather. Snapper tend to come in close for an easy feed of crabs and bait fish. Fish from one of the many rock walls with a 5inch soft plastic as soon as possible once the poor weather has finished. The long rock walls at the Cockburn boat ramp and the ASI groyne are great choices, and is particularly productive for snapper after some swell and a NW wind.

ASI Groyne and Boat Ramp Groyne

Great place to target Pink snapper during a NW wind is the outside groyne, during rough seas the snapper can be on the inside in sheltered waters also. Fish along the entire groyne, best times are at dawn and dusk.

Mulloway also hang off the jetties and rock walls around Rockingham, they are best targeted at night and can be caught year round. Soft vibe lures like the Thready Buster’s or Fish Candy vibes can be effective.

The beach fishing spots around Rockingham can also be productive for Herring, which are caught all year round, particularly on metal slugs. During summer Tailor move in closer to the shore and can be targeted on metal slugs also. On shallow sand bars and around weedy areas is also a great place to target whiting on small minnows and poppers during the warmer months.

Rockingham Beach fishing spots

Rockingham beach fishing spots

Rockingham beach fishing produces whiting and tailor year round, during summer Tailor can be caught on metal slugs. There are 2 jetties in town both are heavily fished by bait anglers, Pink Snapper and Mulloway are often caught.

Challenger Beach

Fish for herring and flathead year round, herring will take shallow diving minnows and metal slugs. Flathead can be targeted on soft plastic lures bounced along the bottom, they will also take small minnow lures.

Point Peron

The rocky reef areas of Point Peron produces Herring, Tailor and Silver Trevally year round. During Autumn this is a prime location for Australian Salmon. A metal slug is the best lure for all species here except whiting, which prefer smaller soft plastics or poppers.

Shoalwater Point

Shoalwater Point has a shallow sand bar that goes right across to Penguin Island. Along the shallows anglers can target Flathead and Whiting. Flathead will take just about any lure, soft plastics are very effective bounced across the bottom.

Penguin Island

Penguin Island fishes well for Herring, Tailor and Australian Salmon in Autumn. There are numerous spots to try and some walking is required, however it can pay off when a big tailor is caught on a metal slug.

Warnbro Beach

Warnbro Beach is a long stretch of beach that produces mainly herring and whiting. The odd tailor in summer.

Recommended Beach fishing gear

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Offshore Rockingham Fishing Spots

There are heaps of fishing spots to choose from going off shore from Rockingham. Numerous wrecks, artificial reefs, drop offs, reefs and small islands are found only a short distance from most boat ramps in Rockingham. Small boat anglers usually have several options even when the wind is blowing, there are still fishing spots that will be protected from prevailing winds.

Offshore Rockingham fishing spots produce mainly Pink Snapper, Tailor, Herring, Yellowtail Kingfish, King George Whiting, Trevally and Samson Fish. Pink Snapper move into Cockburn sound in Spring, however there is a demersal finfish closure on targeting Pink Snapper from October to December (please check the Department of Fisheries for exact dates). Pink snapper spawn from October to February. The good news is Pink Snapper can be found year round and they actually start moving into Cockburn a few weeks before the ban depending on the water temperature, around 18 degrees sets off the spawning. Year round Pink Snapper can be caught around the fringing areas of Cockburn Sound. They are opportunistic feeders that feed on the bottom and along reefs, happily eating crabs, baitfish and crustaceans. Early mornings and late afternoons are the best time to fish for Pink Snapper, the change of light seems to trigger feeding.

The best places to start looking for Pink snapper outside of the spots below, is around gravel beds and pinnacles found by a sounder.

Along the industry area just north of Rockingham are several jetty’s and other man made features that can all hold Pink Snapper, Herring and Tailor.

Alcoa Jetty

Just north of Rockingham close to a small boat ramp is Alcoa jetty which can fish well for Pink Snapper around the pylons.

D9 Wreck

A famous Pink Snapper fishing spot in Rockingham, the D9 Wreck holds Pink Snapper year round.

Garden Island

Garden Island produces some great fishing. On the western side is Five Fathom Bank, where Pink Snapper and Samson Fish will gather around June before they start to move into the coral areas of Cockburn Sound. Snapper and Samson Fish will take soft plastics and jigs off the bottom. Often the best technique is no rod movement at all, the swell moving the boat up and down is generally enough lure action to entice a fish to strike. Extra action imparted on the lure often just pulls the lure away from the fish in an unnatural appearance.

Around the island the beaches produce Australian Salmon in Autumn, also skippy, herring and king george whiting. Tailor can also be targeted around shallow reefs where waves are breaking, tailor will take poppers and metal slugs in this scenario. King George Whiting are also abundant on the eastern side of Garden Island.

Sulphur Rock and Bay to the east of Garden Island is a Pink Snapper hotspot, it is fished fairly heavily however still holds fish most of the year. Harding Rock just north of Sulphur rock also holds Pink Snapper.

Carnac Island

Close to the island fishes well for herring, further west are deeper reefs which fish well for Pink Snapper and Dhufish. Further north is Passage Rock which holds Trevally and Pink Snapper, this spot is exposed to all winds. Continuing north are numerous other land marks that at times will hold good fish, Mewtone, Straggler Rocks and other small reefy areas. These offshore spots are all well worth a fish provided conditions are right.

Further offshore around Five Fathom Bank produces good fishing for Pink Snapper and Samson fish, particularly in June. During the Summer months when the water warms up, Five Fathom bank is a good place to troll big minnow lures for Spanish Mackerel.

Warnbro Sound

To the south of Perth is Warnbro Sound, which is protected from swells by outer reefs and rocks. These Rocks which extend south from Pengiun Island fish well for Skippy, Pink Snapper, Herring and Tailor.

Further south is an Artificial Reef which can produce Pink Snapper, Trevally and Herring.

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Laser Pro 160

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Twisty 70g

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Good for: Pink Snapper
Storm Gomoku Fishing Jig


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Good for: Australian Salmon, Mackerel

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Laser Pro 120

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Good for: Australian Salmon

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