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Mandurah Fishing Spots

Mandurah is known for the large Peel-Harvey Estuary which the city is built around. The waters around Mandurah have abundant wildlife and reasonably good fishing spots that are accessible for land based anglers. Mandurah fishing spots are diverse and range from offshore bottom bashing, beach spinning to up the Murray River cast at snags for Black Bream.

The Black Bream fishing around Mandurah canals can be fantastic. Mandurah holds the ABT black bream tournament  annually. Black Bream can be targeted year round in Mandurah, however they do move through the canals and river systems depending on spawning habits and weather. During the warmer months black bream move upstream into the creeks where they can be targeted in the many snags, they also seem to be more responsive to hard body lures during this time. During winter the rains push the black bream down stream, they are best targeted in the open waters of the inlets and around the canals. However they can be targeted in the canals all year round, depending on your access to fishing spots in Mandurah.

Beach Fishing Mandurah

The focal point of a lot of Mandurah Fishing spots is along the beaches, which offer anglers the chance at Herring, Tailor, Whiting, Skippy, Mulloway and Australian Salmon in Autumn. The best time to fish for Tailor is in Summer, particularly smaller chopper tailor when they turn up in numbers at the beaches. Autumn brings in the herring which will readily take a metal slug lure. Mulloway can be targeted year round, however early Summer seems to be the best time to target Mulloway from the deep channels and gutters of the beaches. Mulloway also turn up around the mouth inlets particularly at night, they can then be targeted on big soft plastics and vibes.

Many of the beaches in Mandurah have deep channels where fish will hold, the best time to fish these spots is early morning or late afternoon.

Long Point

Long Point fishes well for Tailor and Herring in the late afternoons, cast metal slugs out into the deeper channels with a quick retrieve. The odd mulloway also turn up to Long Point.

Secret Harbour

Some good deep channels and gutters produce Tailor particularly in Summer, metal lures work well. The larger tailor show up towards the end of Summer. Mulloway are also around during November.

Golden Bay

Protected by an outer sand bar, Golden Bay has a deep channel which produces mainly Tailor in Summer and Autumn. Herring also come in during Autumn and they can all be targets on Metal Slug Lures. The occasional Mulloway after winter.

Madora Beach

Madora beach gutters  produce good numbers of tailor during summer, its was also known as a Mulloway hot spot.

San Remo

San Remo beach produces some fantastic gutters that are also change shape and moving, because of this it seems to attract good fish. Tailor turn up in a huge numbers during summer nights, the tailor prefer a slight sea breeze and choppy water, they will then readily take lures. Mulloway can also be caught year round, however November is the peak time to target them.

Halls Head

Halls Head is a pretty good Herring fishing spot particularly during the autumn months. Small tailor also show up and are best targeted during Summer. Working a metal slug lure around the rocky waters is the best tactic. There are some good gutters along the beach from Halls Head to Falcon, most of which will hold Tailor, Herring, Whiting and the odd mulloway.

Dawesville Cut

Dawesville Cut is a popular Mandurah fishing spot that produces Herring, Tarwhine, Skippy and the odd Tailor. There is a huge area to cover however there are generally a lot of people fishing this spot. The Ocean side produces Tailor particularly early morning and late afternoon. Australian Salmon also move in close during Autumn and will readily take a metal slug lure.

Tims Thicket

Good spot for Australian Salmon during Autumn, Herring and Tailor may also be caught.

Mandurah Beaches South to Bunbury

The beaches to the south can produce Herring, Tailor and the odd Mulloway, look for the gutters. Australia Salmon also show up in Autumn.

Peel Inlet

The Peel inlet is a large but shallow inlet, instead of fishing, people prefer to target blue swimmer crabs which can be found by the thousands in Summer. The inlet does produce some okay fishing for Herring, Tailor, Bream and the odd Mulloway.

Murray River

The Murray River in Western Australia flows in from the Peel Inlet and stretches 134km into the Peel Region. The Murray River is one of few rivers close to Perth that hasn’t been damed for public water supply, leaving its natural flow and beauty intact.

The saltwater section of the Murray River from South Yunderup to Pinjarra is home to hard fighting Black Bream. This section of the river is lined with heavy snags and should be fished from October until the heavy rains in Winter start pushing the bream downstream. Read more about fishing the Murray River Wa. Read more about fishing the Murray River in Western Australia.

Serpentine River

The Serpentine River fishes well for Bream, Mulloway and Tailor. During the summer time the bream head upstream and the best places to try are around and north of the Pinjarra Road Bridge.

Serpentine River fishing can be hard for land based anglers since access is difficult as a lot of the River backs onto private property and finding a decent spot can be tricky. The bridges and pylons around Lakes Road bridge offer some Bream and land based access. Small minnows and soft plastics are a must. Read more about fishing the Serpentine River. Read more about fishing the Serpentine River.

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Tide Times Mandurah

Stingray Point (0.2km)
Thursday 19 May 2022

High - 12:33PM
Low - 11:55PM

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Mandurah to Rockingham Fishing Report March 14, 2017

MANDURAH Beaches north of Mandurah continue to fish well for tailor late afternoons and an occasional mulloway after dark. There are reports of plenty of squid over the weed beds between Silver... Read more

Fish currently being caught in the Peel region March, 2017

Black Bream Giant Herring Spanish Mackerel Tailor
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Current Rating Mandurah March, 2017
3.9/5 - (12 votes)
Fishing Report Provided By I Love Fishing

Recommended Lures for Mandurah

We're still working on the equation for the best lures, so please be patient!

Twisty 55g

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Salmon, Giant Herring, Silver Trevally, Tailor

Laser Pro 160

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Salmon, Giant Herring

Jewie 150

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Jewfish / Mulloway
Squidgies Pro Range Wriggler - 65mm

Pro Wriggler – 65mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Black Bream, Flathead

Squidgies Pro Critter 55mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Black Bream, Whiting
Storm Fishing Jig for Snapper


Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Dhufish, Pink Snapper
Bream Lure the Strike Pro Pygmy 2

Pygmy 2 – Strike Pro

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Black Bream

Squidgies Pro Lobby

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Black Bream, Whiting

Laser Pro 120

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Salmon

Twisty 70g

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Salmon, Tailor

Roosta Popper 160

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Salmon

Bream Prawn Vibe

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Black Bream

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8 Comments on “Mandurah” fishing

  • Dave


    What are the best times for salmon around south of mandurah and what would be the best choice of lure pls

    • Fishing Spots


      Hi Dave, the salmon to turn up around April through to May. Halco Twisty and Streaker’s are awesome lures for Salmon off the beach just because you can cast them so far and the salmon will smash another that lands in the water near them.

  • darryl wallrodt


    i want to go fishing around collins pool where and what are some good fish to catch

  • Ben Griff


    Hi. I’m in Mandurah for a couple of weeks, where would be the best place to go for a bend in the rod at this time of the year? And what would be the best tactic? Was here in June 5 years ago and had fun catching salmon but heard they aren’t around this time of the year. Cheers

  • Brian Tillett


    Hi Dave.,I shifted from spearwood to Mandurah to catch some Fish, Have been to a few places but most of the time just pull in lots of weed. Can you suggest a Beach to try my luck I’m not greedy just one fish will help my fishing interest, Thanking You Brian Tillett.

  • Kaylee


    Hey Just wondering where any jetties are around this area please.

  • Pauline


    Coming to visit friends in busselton. I do fresh water fly fishing and I am brining some light tackle. Can you recommend best lakes to use fly on. Thanks

  • Craig Brooks


    Where can i catch squid in Mandurah?

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