Australian Salmon Arripis

Australian Salmon - Barramundi of the South

Australia Salmon can grow up to 95cm long and 10kg in weight.

Sometimes known as the Barramundi of the South, these fish are a terrific sport fish on light tackle.

The aussie salmon put up a hard and spectacular fight, leaping from the water and running hard.

Australian salmon, also known as kahawai or salmon trout, are a popular and widespread game fish in Australia, particularly in southern and eastern parts of the country. They are not actually a type of salmon, but rather a member of the family Arripidae, which includes a number of species of fish found in southern hemisphere waters.

Australian salmon are a fast, powerful fish that are known for their strong fighting ability, making them a popular target for recreational anglers. They are typically caught using lures, such as metal spoons or soft plastics, or bait, such as pilchards or bluebait.

Australian salmon are a schooling fish that are often found in large numbers in coastal areas, particularly around rocky headlands, beaches, and estuaries. They are often more active and easier to catch during the cooler months, when they come closer to shore in search of food.

Australian salmon are also a popular commercial fish species, and are used for human consumption, as well as for bait and fishmeal. It’s important to follow local fishing regulations and guidelines when targeting Australian salmon, to help protect the population and ensure their sustainable use for future generations.

Australia Salmon Spawning

Australian salmon are a pelagic species, meaning they do not typically spawn in estuaries or coastal waters like some other fish species. Instead, they spawn offshore in deeper oceanic waters.

The exact location and timing of Australian salmon spawning can vary depending on a range of environmental factors, such as water temperature, currents, and food availability. However, it is known that Australian salmon typically spawn during the winter months, from June to September, in the cooler waters off the coast of southern Australia.

During the spawning season, large schools of adult Australian salmon migrate to offshore areas to mate and lay their eggs. The eggs hatch into larvae, which develop into juvenile fish that gradually make their way back towards the coast as they grow and mature.

It’s worth noting that Australian salmon are a highly migratory species, and their movements and spawning patterns can be influenced by a range of factors. Therefore, if you are interested in targeting Australian salmon, it’s a good idea to do some research on local fishing conditions

How to catch Australian Salmon

Australian salmon are a popular game fish in Australia, and are known for their strong fighting ability and willingness to take a range of lures and baits. Here are some tips for catching Australian salmon:

  1. Choose the right gear: To catch Australian salmon, you’ll need a fishing rod and reel that are appropriate for the size and weight of the fish you’re targeting. A medium to heavy spinning rod and reel with a 10-15kg line capacity is generally a good choice. You’ll also need a range of lures and baits, such as metal spoons, soft plastics, and baitfish like pilchards or bluebait.
  2. Find the right location: Australian salmon are typically found in coastal waters, particularly around rocky headlands, beaches, and estuaries. Look for areas with good water movement, such as tidal rips, channels, and current lines. Australian salmon are also known to school in large numbers, so keep an eye out for birds feeding on baitfish, which can indicate the presence of salmon below.
  3. Use the right technique: When targeting Australian salmon, casting and retrieving lures or baits quickly is often the most effective technique. Metal spoons and soft plastics that imitate small baitfish are popular choices. Try to match the size and color of your lure or bait to the baitfish in the area, and experiment with different retrieval speeds and patterns to see what works best.
  4. Be prepared for a fight: Australian salmon are a strong and aggressive fish that can put up a good fight, particularly in strong currents or tidal rips. Make sure your drag is set correctly, and be prepared to use your rod and reel to tire the fish out before attempting to land it.
  5. Follow local regulations: It’s important to follow local fishing regulations and guidelines when targeting Australian salmon, to help protect the population and ensure their sustainable use for future generations. Check with local authorities or fishing associations for up-to-date information on bag and size limits, closed seasons, and other relevant regulations.
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