Bar-Tail Flathead Platycephalus indicus

Bar Tailed flathead are found from Perth around the top to New South Wales.

Bar-tailed Flathead are a sub-tropical species that spawn in the middle and lower estuary in late spring and summer, they don't grow quite as big as their Dusky Flathead cousins.

Bar-Tailed Flathead can be found in Estuaries, in or near weed beds, drop offs and at the mouths of smaller feeder creeks. They are suckers for all kinds of lures and will soft plastics and hard body lures with aggression. The key to success if often lure colour and this can very greatly depending on your location.

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Towns & creeks to fish for Bar-Tail Flathead

Kauri CreekSwan River

Regions to fish for Bar-Tail Flathead

PerthWide Bay BurnettPeel

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