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Kauri Creek

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25°48'35.63" S, 152°57'12.39" E

Located off the Great Sandy Straight separating Fraser Island and the main land, Kauri Creek has fantastic camping and fun fishing. Log Dump Camp and Hedleys both provide good camping, however the sand flies and mozzies can be thick during the warmer months.

Upstream is a green zone and no fishing is allowed, however there are plently of other options. Land based fishing spots are limited to the boat ramps / creek banks at Log Dump and Hedley’s camp. Kauri Creek fishing spots are best explored by boat or kayak. Boats up to 6m can be launched from both camps, the creek banks are rubble and firm. The tide does push hard at Log Dump Camp.

Fishing Kauri Creek anglers can expect Bream, Flathead, Cod and Whiting all year around. Yabbies can be pumped from most sand banks and they make fantastic Whiting baits.

Kauri Creek fishing in Summer

Over summer Kauri Creek is regarded as a great Mangrove Jack fishery and there is plenty of structure around to target them. Trevally are also around throughout the warmer months and can be sight casted as they cruise the flats.

Threadfin Salmon and Barramundi also move into the creek during summer, and there are some nice deep holes that provide the right environment for them to hunt. Barramundi have also been caught throughout the creek, but these highly prized fish are few and far between. It takes many fishing sessions and a patient angler to catch them! Fishing the deep holes during small tides with live baits will give anglers the best chance to tangle with a solid fish.

Kauri Creek Winter

The bream and flathead fishing is great during Winter. Fish the drop offs and in the small feeder creeks on the run out tide for Flathead. Pink or red soft plastic or hard body lures work well on the lizards. Bream can be caught throughout the creek, but will start schooling up closer to the mouth this time of year.

Javelin Fish / Grunter are also in good numbers from May to October. They can be found in rubbly bottom holes, near snags in deep holes and actively feeding close to snags.

Mulloway will move into the creek when the Sea Mullet start getting ready for spawning, the mullet can be found in huge numbers forming large before they move out to sea.

During Spring the mouth of the Kauri Creek has Longtail Tuna and Mackerel at times. Fish up to 20kg have been caught here, they are suckers for Metal Slugs and 5” soft plastic lures.

Just upstream of Log Dump Camp is a sharp bend and deep hole, this is the deepest hole until 5-6km upstream. It is approximately 6m deep. During the neap tides it is well worth sounding around this area for larger fish. Mangrove Jacks are also caught along the snaggy bank.

Around the edges of the deep hole is a great place to fish on an out going tide for Flathead. The drop off and small creek push food out for waiting flathead. Pink or red soft plastics work well.

Continuing upstream is an expansive amount of flats. These areas all have great drop offs that have good flathead fishing on an outgoing tide. During the incoming tide bream and whiting will move onto the flats. Small minnow lures and yabbies work well.

Little Stony Creek Rock Bay

Solid rockbar that drops into 2.4 deep water. Good summer spot for Mangrove Jack.

Kauri Creek Mouth Reef

Close to the house boat moorings there is some patchy reef in about 5-6m of water, it holds good fish at times. Best fished during the small tides or on the turn of the tide. Anglers can expect Cod, Mulloway and random fish.

Kauri Creek Mouth Reef 2

Heading out of the river mouth on the right hand side, just before the mangrove forest gives way to sand flats. Another reef section that holds fish at times. Only about 3.5m deep but drops into 5-6m deep water.

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Recommended Lures for Kauri Creek We're still working on the equation for the best lures, so please be patient!

Reidy's Lures - Little Lucifer Hellraiser

Little Lucifer Hellraiser – Reidy’s Lures

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Barramundi, Threadfin Salmon

Laser Pro 120

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Barramundi

Roosta Popper 160

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Giant Trevally, Golden Trevally

Twisty 55g

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Longtail Tuna
Squidgies Pro Wriggler - 100mm - Bloodworm

Pro Wriggler – 100mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Barramundi, Mangrove Jack

Laser Pro 160

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Barramundi

Skippy Surface Lure

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Yellowfin Whiting

Squidgies Pro Flickbait 110mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Giant Trevally, Golden Trevally
Berkley Gulp! Shrimp 2"

Gulp Shrimp 2″

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Bar-Tail Flathead, Dusky Flathead, Mangrove Jack

Jewie 150

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Barramundi, Jewfish / Mulloway
Jackall Squirell 79 hank tuned

Jackall DD Squirrel 79SP Silent ‘Hank Tuned’

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Barramundi, Gold spotted rockcod, Mangrove Jack

Junior B52

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Barramundi

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