Gold spotted rockcod

An aggressive fighting fish and will hit lures hard!

The Gold Spotted Cod can grow to 140cm in length and 32kg in weight.

The Gold Spotted Cod can grow to 140cm in length and 32kg in weight.

The Gold Spotted Rock Cod more commonly known as a Estuary Cod will smack all kinds of lures and the cod's initial run is hard and fast. If you stop the rock cod before it goes back into their hole or snag they generally give up the fight.

The Gold Spotted Rock Cod is generally a by catch when anglers are targeting Mangrove Jack, Barramundi and Bream. They tend to hide deep in snags and in rocky outcrops, from shallow inshore reefs to skinny water estuary's.

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Towns & creeks to fish for Gold spotted rockcod

Barron RiverGladstoneInnisfail OffshoreGiralia Bay / Exmouth GulfPoonaCoral BayMooloolabaTurkey BeachOnslowBush BayCairns offshoreHervey Bay OffshoreMaryboroughDampierKauri CreekGladstone CampFraser Island

Regions to fish for Gold spotted rockcod

PilbaraWide Bay BurnettSunshine CoastFar North QueenslandCentral QueenslandGascoyneCape York Peninsula

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