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Nerang River Fishing Spots

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Nerang River

3.5/5 - (11 votes)
27°59'2.74" S, 153°25'3.64" E

Nerang River is home to a maze of canals with thousands of jetties and rock walls to throw lures at. Chasing Mangrove Jack in Summer is hugely popular throughout the Nerang River. Every year the Nerang River fishing spots produce good catches, like Bream, Flathead, Mangrove Jack, Trevally, Luderick, Whiting, Cod, Herring and further upstream Australia Bass.

Some good places to start looking for fish is around the jetties close to deeper holes, these areas have Bream and Mangrove Jack in Summer. Where canal systems drain into the main river generally hold Trevally and the odd Herring.

There are also a bunch of great land based fishing spots that produce Mangrove Jack. The best places to start targeting around the Bridges and rock walls close to deep holes. Fishing into the night on live bait is a sure way to catch a Mangrove Jack. Although lure anglers are very successful at fishing for Mangrove Jack in the Nerang River. Fishing at Dawn, Dusk and at night for best results.

Kayak fishing in the Nerang River is very popular and for good reason. A kayak has the advantage of being very quiet with a small shadow that doesn’t put fish off. You can be sure most of the fish in the River have seen a few lures in their life.

Where to go fishing near Nerang River?

  • Pelican & Miami Lake

    All the lakes through the Gold Coast have resident fish like Bream, Trevally, Flathead and the...

  • Lake Orr

    Lake Orr holds Trevally, Bream, Flathead and the odd Mangrove Jack and Bass. Putting time in...

  • Cottesloe Drive Bridge

    Mostly Bream, best fished with bait, the odd Mangrove Jack.

  • Convention Center

    Good land based access for anglers chasing Bream and Mangrove Jack. Try live baiting into the...

  • Nerang Broadbeach

    A good land based spot to target Mangrove Jack at night if access is still possible.

  • Benowa

    The canal mouth here is worth a few casts on the run out tide for Flathead...

  • Cypress Gardens Hole

    The rock wall drops into deep water and its best fished at the turn of the...

  • Nerang River Bend

    The deeper waters at the start of the bend here has patchy reef sections that hold...

  • Bundall Bridge

    Solid reef structure here produces good Bream in Winter, Mangrove Jack in Summer and Trevally also...

  • Monaco Bridge

    Deep hole next this rock wall creates a good scenario for Mangrove Jack and Trevally.

  • John Fraser park

    Out going tide often has Flathead in these shallow waters as bait to pushed out into...

  • Girung Island

    Whiting and flathead in the shallows on a falling tide.

  • Capri Island Bridge

    Popular mangrove Jack spot. Live baiting at night when there is tide turn will give you...

  • Chevron Island South

    The rock walls along here drop off into pretty deep water. The jetties and structure hold...

  • Korman Park

    A popular Mangrove Jack spot, live bait at night will give you the best chance.

  • Evandale Park

    Good land based area to target Mangrove Jack and Bream. Use live baits around the turn...

  • Council Chambers

    Good land based access around this area. Target the rock walls and any structure for Bream...

  • Korong Street

    Good land based spot to work lures for Bream all tides. On the run out tide...

  • Paradise Waters Canals

    The jetties through the canal system hold Bream, Mangrove Jack and the odd Trevally. The key...

  • Commodore Drive

    Good land based spot that provides access to a drop off directly west. Anglers can encounter...

  • TSS

    The whole eastern rock wall drops off into deeper water and is a popular spot to...

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Tide Times Nerang River

Nerang River - Waterways Drive Boat Ramp (0.5km)
Sunday 25 Feb 2024

Low - 2:45AM
High - 9:07AM
Low - 3:39PM
High - 9:24PM

Moreton Bay Fishing Report October 2021

October 28 2021 Had a few good days out in the bay looking for the schoolies after the rains and strong winds and the water looking not to clear,the small ones are... Read more

Fish currently being caught in the South East Queensland region November, 2021

Pink Snapper School Mackerel
Read the Full Report
Current Rating Nerang River November, 2021
3.7/5 - (108 votes)
Fishing Report Provided By Water Tower Bait and Tackle
Current Rating Nerang River November, 2021
3.7/5 - (108 votes)
Fishing Report Provided By Fishing Noosa

Recommended Lures for Nerang River

Click here to find the best lures for fishing Nerang River. 5 stars mean this lure has been hand picked for Nerang River.

The Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow suspending lure has great constrast and is good for Barramundi


Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Mangrove Jack

Squidgies Pro Lobby

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Yellowfin Bream
Squidgies Pro Range Wriggler - 65mm

Pro Wriggler – 65mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Bass, Dusky Flathead, Yellowfin Bream

Twisty 70g

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Tailor

Squidgies Pro Wriggler – 80mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Yellowfin Bream
Storm Fishing Jig for Snapper


Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Trevally

Jewie 150

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Jewfish / Mulloway
Jackall Squirell 79 hank tuned

Jackall DD Squirrel 79SP Silent ‘Hank Tuned’

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Mangrove Jack

Lucky Craft Sammy 65

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Bass

Squidgies Pro Critter 55mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Yellowfin Bream
Bream Lure the Strike Pro Pygmy 2

Pygmy 2 – Strike Pro

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Bass, Yellowfin Bream

Squidgies Pro Wriggler – 100mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Bass

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