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Mooloolah River

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26°41'15.17" S, 153°7'13.11" E

The Mooloolah River is a small healthy estuary system with many options for land based and boat based fishing. The estuary system is far from its natural state, with the first few kilometres lined with housing, each with their own pontoon. The Mooloolaba area is no doubt heavily fished and is also the heart of Sunshine Coast boaters access to deep sea fishing on the reefs, the first of which is approximately 5NM offshore. The Mooloolah River extends into fresh water, during the summer the fresh water makes it  further downstream, pushing the bream closer to the mouth.

The general species caught in the Mooloolah River are Bream, Whiting, Flathead, Trevally, the odd Grunter and Mangrove Jack along with Jew Fish around the mouth. Further upstream native and stocked Bass can be caught.

Lure Fishing the Mooloolah River

The mouth of the Mooloolah River is lined with 2 large rock walls were the occasional Jew fish will hang around particularly at night. Just up stream is the Mooloolah River Marina were trawlers park up to deliver and wash down their boats. It’s best fished early mornings when the trawlers arrive back and start cleaning, Bream can be easily seen from the Peirs, the Bream can be hard to catch on lures here as they are well fed, a finesse approach with 4-8lb leader will work best. Massive bream can be caught in the Mooloolah River particularly in the cooler months. Trevally also frequent the Marina particularly at night and will readily smash your bream presentation, most of the Trevally range from 25 up to 60cm.

Further up the River there are heaps of pontoons to cast soft plastics at, again a finesse approach is the key, working your way downstream and casting several times at each pontoon is the best way to find where the Bream are holding. Amongst the pontoons you will also find Flathead, Whiting and the odd Trevally. Heading towards Kawana Waters Canal at the end is another Marina and the Kawana Waters hotel – again you will find schools of Bream around the jetty’s – try imitating a potato chip to land some of these Bream.

Heading upstream the River splits into 2, east and west, the east tributary ends at a weir blocking access upstream to non locals, however this stretch up to the weir can be very productive for Bream, Trevally and the occasional Cod. Upon entering the separated system the river runs under a bridge, which can hold good fish particularly at night. On the eastern side of the eastern tributary are 3 large storm water drains, which often hold Bream, soft plastics and small hardbodies worked slowly will produce results here. Both sides of the eastern river are lined with rocks and on high tide can produce Bream, Cod and Trevally.

Heading up the Western tributary you will find rocks extending out before the bridge which hold fish on the run out tide. Under the bridges is fished quite heavily and still holds fish particularly at night. Directly after the bridges at the point of another creek separation is a shallow rock structure which holds Bream at times.

Further up the middle creek is a series of flats sections that sometimes hold Whiting and Bream on the incoming tide and Flat head on the outgoing tide. After the small island, a long stretch that goes into the first tight bend, before the bend heading upstream on the northern bank is a series of structure along the bank and rocky structured bottom that holds Bream. On the outgoing tide the bend forms some good eddies due to under water structure, here you will catch Moses Perch, Bream and the odd Mangrove Jack in the warmer months.

Land Based Fishing Mooloolah River

Mooloolah River offers many land based locations for catching a fish or two. Live bait is a bit hard to find so frozen prawns from the servo work well, along with chicken guts and bread for the Bream. The mouth of the Mooloolah River sees large amounts of people trying their luck, at the mouth before the rocks start is a large flat sand section where you can catch bream and flat on prawns during the incoming tide.

The Mooloolah River Marina is a great place for fishing and some nights can really turn it on with catches of big Bream, Trevally and Flathead. Opposite the Marina is La Balsa Park which is fished heavily every day.

Further upstream land based fishermen hit the Kawana bridges of Mooloolah River.

Where to go fishing near Mooloolah River?

  • Mooloolah River Bass

    Australian bass throughout the Mooloolah River freshwater / brackish water reaches. Small hard body and surface...

  • Parrearra Weir South

    A drain allows water to flow in and out of the lake back into the Mooloolah...

  • Mid System

    All the Mooloolah River creek bends have deeper water and generally have Bream around. Last of...

  • Parrearra Lake

    The water levels in the lake are controlled by a weir, once fish are in the...

  • Parrearra Channel

    The channel offers some good land based fishing. Walking the path and casting soft plastic lures...

  • Mountain Creek Lakes

    These small lakes are known to produce Bream and Tarpon. The odd Mangrove Jacks are also...

  • Mountain Creek

    Fairly shallow and muddy waters in Mountain Creek. There are good depth changes, feeder creeks and...

  • Feeder Creeks

    Fish around the mouth of the creek on the run out tide for Flathead. Red or...

  • Nicklin Way Bridge

    Good deep water here surrounded by lots of rocky structure. Many boat anglers live bait here...

  • Mooloolah Island Bridge

    Best fished from Spring to Summer, live bait for Mangrove Jack early morning and afternoon into...

  • Mayes Canal Mouth

    Deeper water here holds good Flathead on the run out tide. There is also a shallow...

  • Mooloolaba Wharf

    Heavy structure and shade in around 2.5-3m of water, not much current flow here. The heavy...

  • Minyama Bridge

    Good place to fish with baits over summer for Mangrove Jack. Trevally are also around mostly...

  • Buddina Canals

    Fishing the pontoons and structure in deep water early morning and late afternoons is the best...

  • Mooloolah River Mouth

    Rock walls along side the river mouth, fishes okay for Bream and the odd pelagic fish...

  • Kawana Island Lakes

    Yellowfin bream at night, cast small suspending hard body minnow lures out onto the shallow banks....

  • Mooloolah Drain

    Two small storm drains along the river bank sometimes hold bream and cod, dropping soft plastics...

  • La balsa park

    A long stretch of river that is fairly deep. The shallow bay to the north has...

  • Mooloolah River Bass

    Follow google maps trail to get to this access point. Walk along the creek fishing the deep...

  • Mooloolah River Lake

    Blocked from the main Mooloolah River, however it does let water in and out. Walk the...

  • Mooloolaba Harbour

    Big bream hang out around the jetty pylons, try trolling deep diving hard body minnows. Good...

  • Mooloolah River Trawler Jetty’s

    Bream and the old flathead throughout the year. During Spring some large Trevally turn up -...

  • Mooloolah River Rocks

    Fish along the rock structure and towards the eastern bend. Access the bend by land, best...

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Recommended Lures for Mooloolah River

Click here to find the best lures for fishing Mooloolah River. 5 stars mean this lure has been hand picked for Mooloolah River.

Bream Prawn Vibe

Suited to Mooloolah River.
Good for: Grunter, Yellowfin Bream
Squidgies Pro Range Wriggler - 65mm

Pro Wriggler – 65mm

Suited to Mooloolah River.
Good for: Australian Bass, Bream, Dusky Flathead, Flathead, Yellowfin Bream

Lucky Craft Sammy 65

Suited to Mooloolah River.
Good for: Australian Bass, Bream
Berkley Gulp! Shrimp 2"

Gulp Shrimp 2″

Suited to Mooloolah River.
Good for: Black Spotted Rockcod, Bream, Cod, Dusky Flathead, Flathead, Grunter, Yellowfin Bream

Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Bass

Squidgies Pro Wriggler – 100mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Bass

Squidgies Pro Wriggler – 80mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Yellowfin Bream

Squidgies Pro Lobby

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Bream, Yellowfin Bream
Killalure Flatz Ratz 2

Flatz Ratz – Killalure

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Black Spotted Rockcod

Skippy Surface Lure

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Yellowfin Bream
The Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow suspending lure has great constrast and is good for Barramundi


Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Black Spotted Rockcod
Reidy's Lures - Little Lucifer Hellraiser

Little Lucifer Hellraiser – Reidy’s Lures

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Cod
Bream Lure the Strike Pro Pygmy 2

Pygmy 2 – Strike Pro

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Bass, Bream, Yellowfin Bream

Zman 9” GrubZ Big Guibz

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Black Spotted Rockcod, Cod
Squidgies Pro Wriggler - 100mm - Bloodworm

Pro Wriggler – 100mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Bass, Black Spotted Rockcod, Bream, Flathead

Squidgies Pro Critter 55mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Bream, Yellowfin Bream

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    Going to Mooloolaba in 1 weeks time
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