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The Hellraiser came about due to Reidy’s being continually asked for a shallow diving Little Lucifer.

After exhaustive development and trialing the Hellraiser was released to the market. With a diving depth of around 2 to 3 feet this lure is ideal for coastal and estuary flats by casting at drains, sand flats and mangroves for species such as Barra, flathead, salmon (both northern and southern varieties), Tailor, Trevally and many other fish.

The Hellraiser is also great to use in billabongs, impoundments and inland estuaries especially casting over weedbeds or shallow structure. Species such as Barra, Sooty Grunter, Murray Cod, Trout, Tarpon, Redfin, Yellowbelly and many types of freshwater fish. The lure is fitted with 2 VMC heavy duty (3xstrong) trebles and HD split rings. The lure is 65mm in length and weighs 8.5 grams.

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