Could this be the best Transam alternative?

The Zerek Fish Trap lipless crankbait could the best Jackall Transam alternative, at $16 there’s not much to lose!

Zerek came into great hype with their life like prawn which landed many anglers some great Barramundi, Mangrove Jacks and more. It was and still is a great lure and is highly recommended by many anglers. Now they are riding the hype with Fish Trap, could it be the best Jackall Transam alternative?

The new Zerek Fish Trap looks to be the goods – it is a lipless crank bait available in 3 good sizes, 65mm, 95mm and 110mm. The Fish Trap’s point of difference is the curl tail which puts out action at the slightest of movements particularly on the drop. Even when the lure is sitting on the bottom the tail will move with the water flow enticing fish to investigate.

Zerek Fish Trap - the best Transam Alternative?

Beautiful Natural Colour Zerek Fish Trap

Built from TPE plastic Zerek Says: “the Fish Trap has been designed to take on the toughest of fish with the use of extra strong split rings combining with the addition of the renowned mustad 4x Saltism trebles.” 

If your targeting Barramundi I’d personally recommend upgrading the hooks to 6x strength.

The colour range is good too, from natural life like baitfish patterns to attractor colours for murky water. The colours have been specifically designed to meet the demands of Australian anglers.


Zerek Fish Trap Colours

Some of the Zerek Fish Trap Colours


New Zerek Tango Shad Lure

The Zerek Shad now comes in floating and suspending models and is also available in a Bream smashing 50mm size. There are also 15 new colours in the suspending Zerek Tango and 10 new colours in the floating model.

The new colours include natural, bright / reflective and UV making these lures appealing to clear water finesse presentations as well as dirty water. According to Wilson Fishing Tackle the lures have been successful on a variety of estuary and fresh water species.


The 50mm Zerek Tango is a valuable tool for fishermen targeting quiet and timid fish, and also great working the shallows.