Russell and Mulgrave River Fishing Spots

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Russell and Mulgrave River

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17°13'42.37" S, 145°57'47.21" E

The Mutchero Inlet is a beautiful place to fish, surrounded by thick mangoves and lush rainforest the scenery is as good as the fishing. The inlet is surrounded by large mountains, Mount Bellenden Ker on the southern side of the inlet is the second highest peak in Queensland. To the north another large mountain range Russell Heads separates the Russell River from the ocean. This unique geographic nature makes these 2 rivers receive close to the highest average rainfall in Australia. Both rivers are protected from onshore winds making fishing ideal all year round.

During the wet season the fresh water from both the Russell and Mulgrave River meet at the T junction forming the Mutchero Inlet and after a few days of rain is a great time to target Barramundi. During the dry season the salt water makes its way further upstream were Queenfish and Trevally begin to surface for the avid lure fisherman.

Both rivers are stocked with Barramundi.

Where to go fishing near Russell and Mulgrave River?

  • Russell River Mouth T Junction

    The waterway around the T junction is where the Russell and Mulgrave Rivers meet before opening to the sea. This junction is renowned for big queenies, and once the word is out they are on, this spot is particularly popular. The odd Trevally can be found where there’s Queenfish about.

    Queenies are best caught at first and last light on rising tides, and are mostly a summer fish. Keep an eye for baitfish near the shallow flats, and you should find some. Use any fish strip baits or squid, and for lures use minnows, poppers, jigs, spoons or trolling heads. A 20kg mono leader and floating rig should do it, and large hooks are recommended.

    During the cooler months the fresh water clears from the inter tidal zones, and each high tide thereafter pushes more salt water and baitfish past the T Junction and up to the nearby boat ramps of both rivers.

  • Russell River Mouth Creek Entrance

    Lots of snags, fallen timber and mangroves around here. Prone to barra and jacks, good fishing at creek entrance.

  • Russell Heads ‘Golden Mile’

    The ‘Golden Mile’ is a deep bank with snags on the northern side of the river mouth. This area is continually hit by wet season flood waters, and many mangrove trees and dead trees line the bank. There’s spots to tie the boat up and walk along the shoreline on the outgoing tide, and its a solid place to target snapper, grunter, barra, bream and jacks.

  • Russell River – Mutchero Inlet Bait and Crab Hotspot

    Perfect area for collecting bait and mud crabs up the inlet (West of the T Junction where the two rivers meet).

  • High Island

    This is a great spot for large Mackerel, use live baits around September for premium results. Golden Snapper and Trevalley are also frequent around the Island. It is accessible by private boat from the Mulgrave or Russell River boat ramps.

    Camping is permitted on the North West side of High Island accessible from the sand pit. Permits required in advance.

    Sandbars at the mouth of Russell Heads makes crossing the shallow river mouth tide-dependent

  • Russell River Mouth Rocks

    Rocks on Eastern side of the Russell riverbank are great for Bream and Jacks in cooler months. Jacks, Grunter, Barra and Trevally can also all be found in holes on the northern side of the rocky area.

  • Bramston Point Rocks

    Big Barra can be caught off the rocks at Bramston point, a short walk along the beach from the town of Russell Heads.

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Tide Times Russell and Mulgrave River

Russell Heads (0.8km)
Sunday 14 Aug 2022

Low - 4:32AM
High - 10:28AM
Low - 4:29PM
High - 11:05PM

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Recommended Lures for Russell and Mulgrave River

Find the best lures for fishing Russell and Mulgrave River. 5 stars mean this lure has been hand picked for Russell and Mulgrave River.

Berkley Gulp! Shrimp 2"

Gulp Shrimp 2″

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Grunter, Mangrove Jack, Yellowfin Bream
Jackall Squirell 79 hank tuned

Jackall DD Squirrel 79SP Silent ‘Hank Tuned’

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Barramundi, Mangrove Jack

Squidgies Pro Mongrel 115mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Threadfin Salmon

Squidgies Pro Lobby

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Yellowfin Bream
Killalure Flatz Ratz 2

Flatz Ratz – Killalure

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Barramundi, Mangrove Jack

Jewie 150

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Barramundi
Bream Lure the Strike Pro Pygmy 2

Pygmy 2 – Strike Pro

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Yellowfin Bream

Squidgies Pro Flickbait 110mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Golden Trevally
Squidgies Pro Wriggler - 100mm - Bloodworm

Pro Wriggler – 100mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Barramundi, Golden Snapper / Fingermark, Mangrove Jack, Queenfish

Roosta Popper 160

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Golden Trevally

Bream Prawn Vibe

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Grunter, Yellowfin Bream

Laser Pro 120

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Barramundi

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    Hello is there any mub crab being caught in the Russell River or Musgrave River

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