Brisbane Fishing Spots

Brisbane Fishing Spots

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27°28'18.21" S, 153°1'25.53" E

Brisbane fishing is very diverse. From freshwater native bass, to Pink Snapper in Moreton Bay there is enough fishing too keep keen anglers happy year round.

Brisbane fishing is broken into 2 distinctive seasons, Summer and Winter. Summer is when the pelagics are in Moreton Bay, like Mackeral, Tuna, Trevally, Kingfish and Cobia. The rivers also fish the best in summer, Mangrove Jacks, Bass, Bream, Whiting and Flathead are throughout the River and bay.

Brisbane River also has a healthy population of Threadfin Salmon. They are usually found in the deeper holes towards the front of the Brisbane River. Land based anglers do catch them, but put in the hours. The odd Barramundi has also been caught in the Pine, Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast rivers.

Winter time provides the better reef fishing for Pink Snapper, Grassy Sweetlip and Tailor are also around in numbers. Winter to Spring also produces some prized catches like Jewfish.

Brisbane fishing – land based

Brisbane fishing spots are limited to boats and kayaks, there are some great land based fishing spots. Learn more about fishing Brisbane land based here.

Brisbane River Fishing

Fishing the Brisbane River can be surprisingly productive. The river holds the usual suspects, Bream and Flathead, however it also produces Threadfin Salmon, Tuna, Snapper, Sweetlip, Cod, Jewfish, Tailor and Mangrove Jack. Further upstream Bass (some still native) are washed over the Wivenhoe Dam.

There are almost endless fishing spots to explore, plus the tributaries all hold fish at times. The key to success in the Brisbane River is finding where the bait fish are holding at a particular time of the year. A general guide is that after the rains bait can be washed downstream. Summer upstream for Bass and Jacks, winter around the mouth for Spawning Bream, Snapper, Tailor and Jewfish. Note the mullet move out of river early Winter for spawning, this is a dynamite time for Jewfish.

Brisbane / Moreton Bay offshore Fishing

Moreton bay fishing is diverse and it would take years to cover all the fishing spots. It is generally shallow with most structure around the islands, shoreline of the main land and some pebble bottom near contour lines in the bay. There are also many artificial reef installations in the Bay, which do attract fish. Finding rocky/pebble bottom in 2-6m of water is key to catching Snapper, Sweetlip and other species in the bay. Dawn and dusk is also when Snapper feed, so focus efforts around these times. Learn more about catching snapper in Moreton bay shallows here.

June to September is the best time to target Snapper in Moreton Bay

Again, Moreton Bay fishing is broken into 2 distinct seasons, warmer and cooler months. Winter is the best time to target Snapper, Bream, Tailor and diver whiting. While summer is better for pelagic’s like Tuna and Mackerel. Learn more about Moreton Bay fishing.

Brisbane Bass Fishing

Basically any river, creek or puddle connected to the ocean will hold bass. Some of the better bass fishing around Brisbane is downsteam of the stocked dams like Wivenhoe, Samsonvale, North Pine, Hinze and Somerset. Catches of up to 20 bass in a session is fairly common over Summer. Even around the areas where public access is easy, down stream from the Mt. Crosby weir is a great place to start. A kayak is an advantage for bass fishing around Brisbane. However fishing land based can be just as successful, just be prepared to bash through the bush!

Here is a list of the all the river and creeks where bass are found:

  • Brunswick River
  • Tweed River
  • Nerang River
  • Comera River
  • Albert River
  • Logan River
  • Brisbane River
  • Bremer River
  • Pine River
  • Caboolture River
  • Marrochy River
  • Noosa River
  • Mary River

Targeting bass is best and most exciting on lures. They will take all forms of lures. Spinnerbaits, Hard Bodies, soft plastics and a variety of soft plastics. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings for lure selection. If it has just rained and its an overcast day, surface frog lures can be dynamite! If there is a lot of cicadas making noise, a surface popper or cicada lure cast deep under a tree during low light will produce results!

Some of the bigger rivers will hold schooling bass. These bass are generally from stocked dams. They will school up in the deep sections of the river and stay there. Stark constrast compared to wild bass which will hide out under shade and in deep structure.

Lure technique for bass is generally a slow retrieve with several pauses. Suspending hard body minnow lures work very well. Colour choice doesn’t seem very important for bass.

Where to go fishing near Brisbane?

  • Colleges Crossing Boat Ramp Toilets, BBQs, shelter and drinking water.
  • Fleming Road Kayak Launch Good kayak launch spot, Bulimba Creek holds Bream, Flathead and Jacks.
  • Doboy Bridge A bit dodgy getting off Lytton Road here, but can launch kayaks here and a good land based fishing spots for Bream, Flathead and the Odd Mangrove Jack.
  • Oxley Creek 200m from the car park there is pontoon, kayak launching possible. Oxley holds mostly Tilapia, but flathead, bream and bull sharks are closer to the Brisbane River.
  • Oxley Creek Pontoon Park at the end of Cliveden Street, 100m walk. Possible to launch kayak. Oxley Creek has Tilapia.
  • Kendall St kayak ramp Kayak launch area, Oxley Creek has Tilapia, they will take lures but love worms and prawns. If caught they have to be killed and buried above the high tide mark is caught.
  • Shapcott Park Kayak launching area. Bass up and downstream, other species can be around too.
  • Kholo Bridge Easy kayak launch area suitable for all vehicles. No fishing downstream from Kholo Bridge to Mt Crosby Weir.
  • Kholo Botanic Gardens Long walk or trolley, however kayaks can be launched here. Land based fishing is also possible around here.
  • Hills Crossing Suitable for kayak launching, four wheel drives can drive right down to the waters edge. Land based fishing is best at dawn and dusk here.
  • Summervilles Road Suitable for Kayak launching, also good land based bass fishing here.
  • Savages Crossing Popular spot for kayak launching, can drive down to the River. Bass population both up and downstream here. Four wheel drives can also head north west for other launching areas and land based fishing.
  • Patrick Estate Road Kayaks can be launched here under the bridge easily. Brisbane River turns into the Lockyer River upstream. Both up and downstream hold good bass populations.
  • Harpeng Road Reserve Drive along Harpeng road until gate, either open gate and continue driving – four wheel drive only. Otherwise park and walk to River (Do so at own risk access is via goverment road reserve however property owners claim it as their land).
  • Lindemans Road Follow Lindemans Road, turn right down dirt road, four wheel drive track to the river. Otherwise park and walk to the river. Could launch a kayak here.
  • Lowood Bend Accessed via Forrest Hill Fernvale Road, four wheel drive track to the river, suitable for kayaks and canoes.
  • Vernor Road Used to be a track opposite Vernor Road between to private properties. Fish snags at dawn and dusk for Bass.
  • Fielding Road Reserve Park at the gate at the end of Fielding Road reserve and walk about 180m to River. Bass around snags at dawn and dusk.
  • Twin Bridges Can launch kayaks and a small boat here. Small boats can fish downstream why kayakers can venture up and downstream.
  • Brisbane Valley Highway Good access to Brisbane River for Kayakers. Bass both upstream and downstream.
  • Kipper Creek Kipper Creek access point for kayak launching
  • O’Shea’s Crossing Open during daylight hours, possible to launch a kayak from here however requires a small work to the River. Bass in the pools here.
  • Scrub Creek Rd Bridge Access to either side of the Brisbane River is possible. Both sides fish well for Bass at times. Upstream has some good pools but be prepared to pull kayak over shallow sections.
  • Fullham Road Bridge Can launch a kayak here either side of the river. Bass upstream and downstream.
  • Somerset Park Camping area Camping area and steep bank access to Somerset Dam. Kayaks and canoe’s can be launched here, Somerset has fantastic bass fishing.
  • O’Riellys Weir Access by either O’Reilly’s weir road or Keller Road, good bass fishing downstream from here.
  • Shines Road Hard to drag a kayak in plus a high bank. Good bass fishing up and down stream.
  • Brisbane River / Lake Wivenhoe Locked at night but open during daylight hours, cannot fishing from here upstream. Downstream holds bass.
  • Broadwater Oyster Rack Oyster rack holds Bream and flathead on a rising tide. Be prepared to lose a few lures! Can be dynamite on flathead during the start of the run out tide.
  • Diamond Head Rocky structure here is a worth a cast for Bream on all tides.
  • Pimpama River The drop off and feeder creeks throughout Pimpama produce great catch of Flathead. Flathead and bream can be found way up close to the mangroves in the shallows on a building tide.
  • Woogoompah Island Oyster Racks Oyster racks attract good number of Bream, but be prepared to lose lures.
  • Tullen Island Flats The weed and odd gravel patches along this stretch produce flathead and bream. The incoming and outgoing tide can both fish well. Great for the avid lure anglers.
  • Tipplers Island Flats Good flats fishing through these shallow waters on the run out tide for Flathead. Cast lures between the weed patches and along the drop offs. Bream are also about in numbers.
  • Calypso Bay Marina Bream and mangrove jack along the rock walls throughout the canals. Soak live baits, baits or work soft plastics at dawn or dusk for the best chance.
  • Jacobs Well The stretch of beach to the creek mouth is all accessible for land based anglers. Soaking baits along here will produce Bream, Flathead and the odd Jack. Fish the creek mouth on the run out tide for flathead.
  • Jumpinpin Bar Strong currents here, but produces some great catches of Bream, Flathead, Jewfish, Tailor and more. School tailor are here in winter, big Flathead and Jewfish in Spring.
  • Whalleys Gutter Bream around the snags on a rising tide along the creek sides. Flathead in the shallows tight against the mangroves, as the tide runs out the flathead move back to the drop offs and wait for food to drain off the shallows.
  • Gold Bank Good flathead fishing on soft plastics during the run out tide along the Gold Bank stretch here. A building tide will produce whiting over the flats.
  • Tiger Mullet Channel Bream School winter bream and spring flathead call the channel waters home. Bait anglers get good numbers of bream here. During the neap and slack tides is a good time to work soft plastics around the snags.
  • Five Ways Deep hole that is a good place for live baiting jacks, flathead and the odd jewie. Some big fish are taking here during the neap and slack tides.
  • Kangaroo Island North Deep hole that produces fish particularly when water is draining out of the channel to the south.
  • Eden Channel The channel waters are all sand bottom, but the bank side has plenty of structure and small feeder creeks that fish well for bream on the incoming tide and flathead on the out going tide.
  • Behm Creek Bream and Flathead here on bait, all tides.
  • Behm Creek Mouth Good flathead fishing for flathead around the drop offs on the run out tide.
  • Horizon Shore Marina Fishing around the marina produce Bream, Flathead, Whiting and the odd mangrove jack and trevally. Nice place to soak a bait. Lure anglers be care of getting snags on the jetties.
  • Steiglitz Jetties The jetties along here provide structure for bream. Flathead are also close by particularly on a falling tide.
  • Cabbage Tree Point Land based spot that produces mostly bream, flathead and whiting on baits. The feed creek to the north has flathead around the mouth on an outgoing tide.
  • Tabby Hole The junction of merging channels creates a deep hole and strong currents, but working soft plastics with the tides around the drop offs will produce Flathead.
  • Eden Island Channel Deep water on the bend of the channel attracts some good flathead on the out going tide. Lots of snags to cast lures at, focus on the draining areas with soft plastics for flathead.
  • Short Island South Deep hole here is a popular jewfish spot. Best fished with live baits for jewies and the odd mangrove jack.
  • Short Island Point Deep water ledge around the point of south Short Island holds Bream, Jacks, Luderick, Flathead and the odd Jewfish. Lure fishing only possible during small and at the turn of the tides due to strong current.
  • Cobby Bank The junction here is shallow, but any structure like timber will hold Bream on a rising tide.
  • Canaipa Passage Deep channel water here with a solid drop off to the east holds some good fish like Bream, Flathead, Jacks and the odd jewie. Tailor and Trevally are also around at times. Jigged plastics tight against shoreline structure for bream and flatties.
  • Cobby Passage Rocks Shallow rock ledge fishes well for Bream, Jacks, Trevally and the odd jewfish, deep hole to the south east is a good spot to live bait.
  • Mosquito Island Dropoffs The drop offs and small channels and feeder creeks around Mosquito Island produce some good flathead fishing on the run out tide.
  • Little Rocky Point As the name suggest, rocks along the shoreline drop off into deeper water and produce Flathead, Bream, Mangrove Jack, Trevally and Snapper. Jig vibes or soft plastics into the deeper water tight against the rocks to score a fish. Best on the run in tide.
  • Pitts Rock Pitts rock provides structure for Bream, Flathead and sometimes summer Mangrove Jack.
  • Lone Pine Rocks Deep hole here with scattered rock holds bream, flathead, jack and the odd jewie at times. Best fished at the turn of the tide.
  • Flathead Alley The drop offs in the channel waters here cause underwater currents that produce good catches of Flathead here at times.
  • Marks Road The small feeder creeks drain into shallow waters and they hold good Flathead on the out going tide. Upstream of this shoreline is a more good feeder creeks to target flathead on soft plastics.
  • Marks Rocks Rocks along here drop into deep water. Bait anglers love this spot, it holds Bream, Flathead, Jewfish and Mangrove Jack. Best fished during a neap tide as the current flows hard.
  • Logan River Mouth Good summer whiting fishing around the Logan River mouth. Use small poppers and live yabby baits.
  • Rocky Point The deeper channel waters here has plenty of underwater structure that holds Bream, Flathead, Snapper, Jewfish and Trevally. Closer to rocky point is a good spot to fish for Flathead, Bream and the odd snapper.
  • Flatrock Flatrock holds Bream, small Snapper, Flathead and odd surprise like jewfish, Trevally and Tailor. Strong current so its best fished around the turn of the tides.
  • Russel Island South Rocky structure along here drops off into deeper water and holds Bream, Flathead and the odd snapper and jewfish. Strong current so its best fished around the turn of the tides.
  • Browns Bay Good flathead on the incoming and outgoing tide in Browns bay. Soft plastics jigged along the bottom is a sure way to land them. Target underwater channels and any structure or dropoffs.
  • Russel Island Jetties The jetties along here attract bream and trevally. A great place to lure fishing for bream tight the structure of the pylons.
  • Double Island Flats here hold Bream and whiting on an incoming tide. Flathead around the drop offs on the outgoing tide.
  • Canaipa Channel The deeper holes throughout the channel hold jewfish at times. The various drop offs into the deeper water also hold flathead. Jigging soft plastics along the bottom with the tide is a sure way to land a few flatties. Target the deeper waters on the bends for jewies on live bait.
  • Giants Grave Giants Grave rocky shoreline fishing well for Bream and Pink Snapper, a building time seems best. Some big flathead around the deeper holes.
  • Krummel Passage Great little drains that fish well for Flathead on the run out tide. Soft plastics jigged along the bottom work very well.
  • Kibbinkibbinwa Point Rock extends into deeper water and holds big Bream, Flathead and the odd Jewfish at times. Best chance at a jewy is fish live bait at the turn of the tides.
  • Ooncooncoo Bay Channels Deep holes throughout the channels here are known to hold Jewfish. Fishing live baits an hour either side of the tide turn.
  • Karragarra Boats Cast soft plastics and small hard body lures next to the moored boats as Bream will use these for cover during the day.
  • Karragarra Rocks Good bream fishing around these rocks on a building tide.
  • Redland Bay Flats A fairly shallow bay, mainly fishes okay for Bream, Whiting on an incoming tide and Flathead on an outgoing tide.
  • Redland Bay Marina Mostly Bream, Whiting and Flathead on baits like Prawns and strip mullet.
  • Garden Island 2 Good bream fishing on an incoming tide. Use poppers or shallow diving hard body lures. Flathead also around the islands at the drop offs on an outgoing tide.
  • Garden Island Awesome Bream fishing on a incoming tide on poppers and shallow diving hard body lures. Target the deeper channels right up into the mangroves.
  • Pelican Banks A maze of sand banks and channels. This area fishes well for Whiting amongst the sea grass. Also a good crabbing spot.
  • South Macleay Island Rocks here hold Bream mostly, however snapper also frequent the area.
  • Iron Stem Great place to target bream and snapper on lures. A yellow marker here shows the start of patchy rocks. A rising tide and low light is a great time to fish here.
  • Lamb Rocks Rocks off Lamb Island are famous for bream fishing, particularly on surface lures. A rising tide fishes well here.
  • Potts Point Snapper and emperor around the rock walls and drop offs north and south of this map mark. Awesome bream fishing around here too. Try a rising tide with soft plastics and hard body lures.
  • Amity Point The structure close to shore holds bream. The deeper waters often have Tailor, Tuna and Trevally.
  • Parrot Ledge Tuskfish along the reef. Best fished at the turn of the tide. Use live crab baits.
  • Rainbow Channel Strong current make fishing hard in the channel. The channels produces Trevally, Tuna, Mackerel, Tusk fish and Snapper.
  • Deanbilla Bay Find the oyster racks from the Bay south and you’ll find the bream. Anglers can also sight cast for Trevally at times.
  • Dunwich Any rocky structure around Dunwich point has Bream and the odd Snapper. Fish can be spooky here so a stealth approach at dawn and dusk is key.
  • South Coochie Island Patchy Reef holds Bream, Snapper and Sweetlip.
  • Point Halloran Bream and whiting on the incoming tide. Use baits like prawn and strip mullet.
  • Point Halloran Drain Fish this little drain on a run out tide for Flathead. Soft plastics jigged along the bottom work well.
  • Goat Island Bream around the shallows on a building tide. Fish further out from the island at the drop off to the south and east for Pink Snapper and Emperor.
  • South Peel Island Pink Snapper along the ledge / drop off, turn of the tide, dawn and dusk fishes well with soft plastics and baits. 1-4m deep.
  • Coochiemudlo Island north ledge Pink Snapper along ledge / drop off. Soft plastics jigged from shallows into the deep on a run out tide works. 1-5m deep.
  • Coochiemudlo Island Artificial Reef Artificial reef setup for fishing, holds reef fish and pelagics at times, approx. 8m deep.
  • West Peel Reef balls Artificial reef in about 10-15m of water. Holds Pink Snapper, Emperor at times.
  • West Peel Reef balls Artificial reef in about 10-15m of water. Holds Pink Snapper, Emperor at times.
  • West Peel Reef balls Artificial reef in about 10-15m of water. Holds Pink Snapper, Emperor at times.
  • West Peel Reef balls Artificial reef in about 10-15m of water. Holds Pink Snapper, Emperor at times.
  • West Peel Reef balls Artificial reef in about 10-15m of water. Holds Pink Snapper, Emperor at times.
  • West Peel Reef balls Artificial reef in about 10-15m of water. Holds Pink Snapper, Emperor at times.
  • Tiwi Pearl Tiwi Pearl shipwreck in about 18m of water, holds reef fish and pelagics.
  • Four Beacons Gravel, rock and sandy bottom. Pink Snapper, Grass Emperor, Cobia and pelagics like Tuna and Mackerel at times. Water depth 12m.
  • Wanderer Approximate location, Wanderer shipwreck in about 12m of water.
  • Bard’s Legacy Bard's Legacy shipwreck, about 15m deep, fishing spot worth having a fish.
  • Hinemoa Hinemoa shipwreck, approximate location, about 12m deep, holds reef fish.
  • Merkara Merkara shipwreck, approximate location, in about 6-8m of water.
  • Curtin Wrecks About 10m deep, Curtin Wreck holds reef fish and pelagics.
  • Dana Marea shipwreck Fishing spot about 12m of water. Holds reef fish at times.
  • Orange Grove Shipwreck Approximate location, in about 5-6m of water.
  • Venus Shipwreck Venus shipwreck in about 8m of water. Holds Reef fish and pelagics at times.
  • North Moreton Artificial Reef 2 Fish box clusters in about 13m of water, holds Pink Snapper, Emperor, Cobia, Tuna and Mackerel.
  • North Moreton Artificial Reef Fish box clusters in about 13m of water, holds Pink Snapper, Emperor, Cobia, Tuna and Mackerel.
  • Elimbah Creek Rocks Deep water with rocks underneath. Good place to live bait at night for Mangrove Jack.
  • Curtain Artificial Artificial reef holds Snapper and Bream, approx 10m deep, best fished dawn and dusk during turn of the tide.
  • Western Rocks Approximately 10m deep, holds Pink Snapper on sundown and Cobia at times.
  • Central Banks Patienct anglers can sound around the smaller channels for hard bottom, the patchy reef and drop off into the deeper channel holds Pink snapper and pelagics like Tuna and Mackerel at times.
  • Pearl Channel Patience anglers can sound around deeper water for hard bottom where Pink Snapper hang out.
  • East coochie Artificial Reef Reef balls approximately 14m deep, holds reef fish.
  • North Coochie Shallow reef has Pink Snapper and Emperor at times, near channel marker.
  • East Coochie Island Reef fish aproximately 11m deep
  • Peel Houseboat Sunken house boat about 8m deep. Pink Snapper, Emperor, Pelagics, odd Cobia and Jewfish.
  • West peel artificial reef About 14m deep, Peel Artificial reef balls, Pink Snapper, Emperor, Pelagics.
  • Green Island Drop off The North East and South points drop off into deeper water and fish well for Snapper and Sweetlip. Target the patchy reef botton with pilchard baits or jig soft plastics down from the shallower water into the deep.
  • Green Island Bream A rising tide bream will move up onto the flats, target them with lightly weighted soft plastics or small shallow diving hard body lures.
  • Jeays Reef Bouy Reef up to 2-3m deep surrounded by about 6m deep waters. Regular catches of Snapper, Sweetlip and Cod.
  • Mud Island Snapper Fish the patchy reef and drop off here for Snapper and Sweetlip. Soft plastics jigged from shallows into deeper water works. Drifting pilchard baits into deeper water is also a good tactic. Tuna are also around at times and can be found by visible surface action.
  • Harry Atkinson Artificial Reef Snapper, Sweetlip, Tuna and Mackerel are caught on the reef. Baits of pilchards work well. Soft plastics will also get Snapper.
  • Burpengary Creek The odd mangrove jack and code amongst the snags, although not well known for its Mangrove Jack population. Accessed via Caboolture River.
  • Burpengary Creek Mouth Good flathead fishing on a run out tide around the smaller channels and drop offs. Use soft plastics jigged about the bottom, also try the small feeder creeks on an outgoing tide. Yabby beds around the mouth produce Whiting and Bream on a rising tide. Shallow diving hard body lures work well, poppers in Summer.
  • King Johns Creek Worth a try for Mangrove Jacks, Bream and Cod in Summer. Cast lures tight against structure.
  • Caboolture River Flathead Good flathead fishing on the outgoing tide. Target the drop offs with soft plastics jigged along the bottom. A few bream around on the building tide.
  • Caboolture Boat Ramp To the north try using a popper in the shallows over summer for Whiting. Bait will produce bream on a rising tide.
  • Caboolture River Mouth Pelagics If there is pelagics in Deception Bay then they are can often be found close to the channel drop offs around the Caboolture River mouth.
  • Caboolture River Mouth Good flathead fishing on the dropoff on an outgoing tide. Use 3-4” soft plastics in red colour jigged along the bottom.
  • Tuning Fork Shoal Shallow shoal mostly Bream and Flathead.
  • Lytton Channel The draining waters from the Brisbane river push over the shallows here, this pushes bait fish into deeper waters where Bream and Flathead wait. Target these drop off with soft plastics and small metal vibes.
  • Fisherman Island Boat Passage Boaters target Jewies in the deeper channels here.
  • Fisherman Island Shallows The shallow water here holds Bream, Flathead and Whiting. Bream and whiting are best targeted on an incoming tide. Summertime is great to target Bream on poppers in the shallows. Target flathead on an outgoing tide at the dropoffs and small channels formed in the mud. Soft plastics are the go for flathead here.
  • Turner Artificial Reef Pink snapper, Bream, Sweetlip and cod in about 6m of water.
  • Kedron Creek The usual suspects of Bream and Flathead throughout Kedron Brook. It is also known to produce Mangrove jack on lurs during Summer, so its well worth giving it a bash. Around the mouth and small feeder creeks fish well for Flathead on an outgoing tide.
  • Houghton Highway Bridge The bridge pylons in deep and shallow waters, sometimes holds Bream and Flathead. Fish baits close to the deeper channel from the Pine River for better Bream and Flathead.
  • Woody Point Good shallow rock patches that hold bream all year round. Flathead are also abundant around the mouth of the Kedron Brook and at the bridge on a run out tide. Caution water does get very shallow.
  • Margate Beach Good tailor fishing during during winter. The patchy reef also produces Snapper and the odd Emperor. Land based anglers will catch Bream, Flathead and whiting around the reef close to shore.
  • Scarborough Reef From Scarborough to Redcliffe there is patchy reef which produces Bream, Flathead and Whiting. During summer land based anglers can have some great bream fishing. For the boaters and kayakers, the deeper structure can often hold Snapper and Sweetlip.
  • Scarborough North Reef Heavily fished reef still produces Bream, Snapper and Sweetlip. Cast baits into the reef or drift past casting soft plastics. Larger pelagics are caught here during the warmer months, also worth a stop and flick.
  • Deception Bay Deeps The deeper waters here produce diver whiting in winter. Best fish with fresh baits of yabbis.
  • Deception Bay Channels Underwater channels carved into the mud here produce good flathead fishing on a run out tide. Shore based anglers can fish the incoming tide for Whiting.
  • Caboolture River Jacks Target Mangrove Jack in summer in the snags from here upstream.
  • Cleveland Point Rocky structure around Cleveland Point make it a great place to go fishing near Brisbane. Its best fished during the high tide, walking around the point casting soft plastics or 2m diving hard body lures. The point produces, Cod, Bream and the odd Snapper on bait.
  • Raby Esplanade Nice access to deeper waters, anglers can expect mainly Bream particularly during winter. Mangrove jack also lurk around the rock walls in Summer.
  • Wellington Point Jetty The odd snapper has been caught from the Jetty, particularly after rough seas and weather. Other catches include Tailor, Bream and the odd Jewfish. Strip mullet, pilchards and squid baits all work well.
  • Wellington Point This is a beautiful spot to go fishing near Brisbane. Fishing around the flats with shallow diving lures, soft plastics and poppers is a good way to find Bream, Flathead and whiting.
  • Aquatic Paradise Park The water around the mouth of Tarradarrapin Creek is deeper and mainly fishes well for Bream. Soaking baits here on an outgoing tide anglers can expect mostly Bream and a few Flathead.
  • Queens Esplanade to Tarradarrapin Creek There is good shallow water fishing along this stretch around the mangrove on an incoming tide for bream, flathead and whiting. Shallow diving minnows and lightly weighted soft plastics are the go. This area is well worth exploring.
  • Tingalpa Creek Mouth Land based fishing access is possible around the mouth, however it is a bit of a walk. Around the mangrove anglers can target Bream on an incoming tide. Suspending minnow lures work well. Flathead will also push up into the mangroves.
  • Lota Creek Mouth From Queen Victoria Boat Ramp to the creek junction is a good place to target flathead on soft plastics. The shallow waters also offer Whiting.
  • Manly Boat Harbour Rock Wall The rock wall extends out into deeper waters making this a popular spot for anglers. The wall attracts Bream, Flathead, Trevally and the odd Mangrove Jack and Jewie. Because its so popular its best fished at night with strip mullet baits for the better quality fish.
  • Wynnum Shallows There is good access for land based anglers to plenty of shallow and weedy waters around Wynnum. Exploring the area with lightly soft plastics and shallow diving lures can produce results of Flathead, Bream and Whiting.
  • Wynnum Jetty The Wynnum Jetty gives anglers access to some deeper waters. The main catches here are Bream, Flathead, whiting and the odd Trevally. However during late winter and spring Tailor are around. This area is best fished with bait.
  • Wynnum Creek The rock wall along here popular amongst local anglers. The weed shallows on the south side of the rock wall produce Bream, Whiting and Flathead on the incoming tide. Summer is a great time to target whiting in the shallows on popper lures.
  • Port Bridge Land based access is possible under the bridge and to the west down Howard Smith Drive. Under bridge is deep water is best fished with bait during a turning tide. The main species here are Mangrove Jack, Jewfish and the usual Bream.
  • Gateway Bridge Strong currents rip through here so the best times to fish is during the turn of the tide. Fish with strip baits around the pylons particularly during night for Threadfin Salmon, Mangrove Jack and the odd Mulloway.
  • Bulimba Point Bulimba Point provides some relief from an incoming tide current. Anglers can soak a bait here for mainly Bream.
  • Newstead Jetty Breakfast Creek meets the Brisbane River on a bend, creating a deep hole. Strong currents make lure fishing hard, but during the slack tides anglers have hooked Threadfin Salmon, Jewfish and the odd Mangrove Jack here. Live and dead baiting from the jetty at night is the go at this spot.
  • Cameron Rocks Reserve Strong currents make lure fishing difficult. Bait anglers can expect Bream, Flathead and the odd Mangrove jack in Summer.
  • Boggy Creek Boggy Creek is known to produce Bream, Flathead, the odd Mangrove Jack, Threadfin Salmon and Jewfish. Around the boat ramp live baiting works well in summer for Mangrove Jack as the tide slows down. Further downstream there are several more access points off Piped Road. The waters here can be hit and miss, but worth jig a few vibes for Flathead and Bream.
  • Nudgee Beach Good jetty to soak some bait with the fam bam. The mouth fishes better for lure man, but a bit tricky to access the snags and mangroves where the bream are hiding on an incoming tide.
  • Nudgee Beach The foreshore is a popular spot during summer to target Whiting on poppers. While the river mouth is a good place to target Bream during winter. A bit tricky to access the snags and mangroves around the mouth are good places to target bream on an incoming tide.
  • Cabbage Tree Creek Sinbad Street offers good access to the creek with some jetties as structure for Bream and Flathead. Keen anglers can access the southern side through Boondall Wetlands Park. Walking along the shoreline here is a good way to cover ground in search of Bream and flathead.
  • Shorncliffe Peir Good family spot, access to deeper water. Yellowfin Bream, Dusky Flathead and the Mulloway at night. The odd tailor are also caught mainly in winter / spring late afternoon.
  • Shorncliffe The rocky shoreline at the mouth of Cabbage Tree Creek fishing well for Bream on an incoming tide. Shallow diving hard minnow lures, preferably suspending are the go. The jetty gives anglers access to deeper water, bait is the best method here.
  • Pine River Fishing There’ aren’t too many landed based options along the Pine River. Deep Water Bend Reserve produces some okay fishing for mostly Bream and Flathead, its best fished with bait. Further upstream at the Pine Creek crossing anglers can target Bass, best during Summer.
  • Decker Park To the north off Hornibrook highway is good scattered rock and pylon structure that fishes well for Bream on an incoming tide. The bridge pylons have deeper water and bait is the best here. Mangrove Jack and jewfish have been caught from here.
  • Brighton Park The muddy banks, channels and small feeder creek here is a good place to fish for flathead on an outgoing tide. The incoming tide produces Bream and Whiting, with summer be the best time to target whiting on surface poppers.
  • Hays Inlet Mouth Good land based access, an out going tide can produce good catches of Flathead on soft plastics jigged along the bottom. Jewfish and Jacks are also caught here in the deeper holes. Live baiting early morning, afternoons into the night on the smaller tides and an hour either side of the tide turns will give you the best chance.
  • Woody Point Woody Point is a Greenzone from Scotts point to the Jetty. Anglers can fish from the jetty into deeper water. Incoming tide produces the best results for Bream, Flathead and the odd Tailor. Bait fishing is the way to go, prawns, pilchards and Strip baits of mullet work well. During spring Tailor will take metal slug lures.
  • Redcliffe Jetty There is good structure and shelter here for baitfish, which attracts Bream, Flathead and Tailor. Tailor are mainly in Spring.
  • Scarborough foreshore The foreshore has a ton of structure to cast lures or use bait for Bream, Whiting and Flathead. Dedicated anglers can walk the rocks in search of fish, summer time provides some fun fishing on poppers. The odd Sweetlip and Snapper are also caught in the deeper sections.
  • Scarborough Harbour The breakwall provides good structure for Bream, Flathead and the odd Mangrove Jack in Summer. Early morning and late afternoon into the night is the best time.
  • Deception Bay There aren’t many friendly access points here for land based anglers. The Endeavour Esplanade is worth a fish on an incoming tide.
  • Caboolture River Mouth Good flathead fishing on the outgoing tide, either soak a bait along the shores with the family or walking solo along the river bank and targeting the small feeder creeks. Good winter fishing for Bream as they spawn in the deeper waters, best targeted on an incoming tide with small metal vibes or pilchard baits.
  • Beachmere lake Has good numbers of Tarpon which can be great fun on small minnow lures and poppers. Other fish have also been caught in here.
  • Caboolture The beaches of Caboolture mainly produce whiting and a rising tide is the best time to fish. Yabbies are the best bait. The odd Bream and Flathead will also move onto the flats during the incoming tide.
  • Bribie Island The northern end of Bribie provides better fishing. Four wheel drive north along the beach, look for deeper gutters. The Bribie beaches are best fished on an incoming tide. A light to medium beach rod and reel is the go, and strip baits of mullet or pilchards can produce Bream, Flathead, Dart, Tailor (mostly in spring) and the odd Mulloway.
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Tide Times Brisbane

Brisbane River - Victoria Bridge (0.3km)
Sunday 25 Feb 2024

Low - 4:38AM
High - 10:51AM
Low - 5:25PM
High - 11:03PM

Moreton Bay Fishing Report October 2021

October 28 2021 Had a few good days out in the bay looking for the schoolies after the rains and strong winds and the water looking not to clear,the small ones are... Read more

Fish currently being caught in the South East Queensland region November, 2021

Pink Snapper School Mackerel
Read the Full Report
Current Rating Brisbane November, 2021
3.7/5 - (108 votes)
Fishing Report Provided By Water Tower Bait and Tackle
Current Rating Brisbane November, 2021
3.7/5 - (108 votes)
Fishing Report Provided By Fishing Noosa

Recommended Lures for Brisbane

Click here to find the best lures for fishing Brisbane. 5 stars mean this lure has been hand picked for Brisbane.

Squidgies Pro Critter 55mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Whiting, Yellowfin Bream

Bream Prawn Vibe

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Yellowfin Bream
Storm Fishing Jig for Snapper


Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Grass Emperor, Pink Snapper, Queenfish, School Mackerel, Trevally

Squidgies Pro Mongrel 115mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Threadfin Salmon

Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Bass
Storm Gomoku Fishing Jig


Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Pink Snapper
The Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow suspending lure has great constrast and is good for Barramundi


Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Mangrove Jack, Threadfin Salmon

Twisty 55g

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Longtail Tuna, Tailor

Roosta Popper 160

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Trevally
Squidgies Pro Range Wriggler - 65mm

Pro Wriggler – 65mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Bass, Dusky Flathead, Yellowfin Bream
Reidy's Lures - Little Lucifer Hellraiser

Little Lucifer Hellraiser – Reidy’s Lures

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Threadfin Salmon
Squidgies Pro Wriggler - 100mm - Bloodworm

Pro Wriggler – 100mm

Suited for some Fish Species.
Good for: Australian Bass, Mangrove Jack, Queenfish, Trevally

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Brisbane Land Based

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  • Ellis Dobson


    Gday. I fished at jumpinpin bar couple weeks back didn’t have much luck. Do you guys have any tips for targeting flathead and bigger game fish? Thanks

  • luke


    Hey mate i find live bait is the best when fishing around Brisbane, gives you the best chance for big flathead.

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