Squidgies Whip Bait 125mm


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Squidgies Whip Bait

As explained in the first few pages of this catalogue, the Squidgies Whip Bait is our greatest lure design breakthrough in a decade and is setting the Australian fishing scene on fire! Tough, durable, versatile, adaptable and highly attractive to an extraordinary range of fresh and saltwater fish, the Whip Bait is a genuine “no-brainer” soft plastic. Crank it like a hard-body, jerk it like a jig, finesse it like a plastic, or use it instead of a natural bait… it WORKS! And the standard range Squidgies Whip Bait also comes in the awesome XOS 200mm size for catching SERIOUSLY big fish!

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Black Gold, Bloodworm, Drop Bear, Major Mitchell, Pilly, White Lightning


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