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Welcome to Fishing Spots, we're here to help you catch more fish. From small sweet water creeks to open beaches. We’re working everyday to find out where the fish are, when they turn up and what lures they’re munchin’, Australia wide.

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Sydney Offshore 0/5

33°56'0.65" S, 151°18'57.47" E

Gosford, Brisbane Waters 4/5

33°27'25.55" S, 151°20'6.7" E

Wallis Lake / Forster 4.3/5

32°11'19.31" S, 152°29'57.3" E

Find fishing spots near you

Its easy, sign up to FishingSpots, login and start searching for fishing spots in your area. We've added 1000's of fishing spots across Australia and we continue to add new spots every week. If there is an area with no spots, please let us know and we can do our best to find the best spot for you to go fishing.

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Heading offshore to go fishing?

Once you've signed up to FishingSpots, you can begin to create your next offshore fishing adventure by creating a trip and then downloading the GPS marks in KML format. Creating a Fishing Trip is easy, simply search the area, click on a marker, click add to trip and create a trip. You can add as many GPS marks to your trip as you like. Once you're ready, simple click download GPS marks, checkout and you'll be able to download your fishing Trip in KML format to import into your sounder.

Latest Fishing Reports

We supply the latest fishing reports for you area from the best sources, real people who have been fishing your area.

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Discover what fish species are caught in the area, so you know what to expect or plan you next target speces.

Best time to go Fishing

Taking into consideration, Moon Phase, Tides and local weather patterns, the best time to fish algorithm is your personal fishing almanac.

Check the tides

Discover spots, read reports, know the fish species, now check the tides.

Recommended Lures

Our recommended fishing lure algorithm takes into consideration fish species, water depth, location and local knowledge.

Share and learn

Comment on any spot and the fish community are always willing to help out.

Fishing Area Profile

The Fishing Area Profile marker is the heart of a location whether it be a river, creek or overall town. Select this marker to view a detailed description of the entire location and its surrounding spots.

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