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Capricorn Coast / CQ Fishing Report March, 2017

At long last the weather has changed and the wind has eased to allow the fishermen to venture out and catch fish, the fish that have been caught from red emporer, red throat, troutand nannygai and plenty of mackerel caught here. In the estuary side of things the barra and finger mark have been in plentiful supply, with most of the barramundi around the 80 to 1000mm in length.

Most of the fisherman have the same feeling thet now there is no netting the fishing has improved so much and it is easy to catch a barra here in Central Queensland now. Some of the fingermark they are catch here are around the meter in length, and they are saying the best bait is live bait. I was fortunate to take the Mad Hueys to our hut at Corio Bay last week and they all caught their first barra and all around the 85 to 91cm in lenght.
Most of the fishermen that have been heading out to the outer reefs like Karamea and goodwin and the douglas shoals have been bagging out on fish, both ref and mackerel. For those fishing the inner reefs and island like the keppels and finlays and the barge and pinicle all came home happy and with some good fish.

On the beach scene all the beaches have had good reports coming in especially Lamermoore and Kinks with Flathead and you can get a good feed of whiting from these beaches also. If you are planning to fish Farnborough beach try toward the sandy point end as that is where all the good reports of big whiting have come from.

Also areas like Ross creek the Causeway lake and Roslyn Bay harbour plenty have been reporting every thing like whiting, barramundi, mangrove jack, bream grunter and some areas there have been reports of mackerel landed.

Well the mud crabs are certainly around at the moment, with most crabber returning with agood feed for their family to enjoy, some of the crabber are still reporting their crabpots being checked and stolen, I would like to say that with the amount of camera going up around the creeks these people will get caught sooner than later.

Our advise to all crabbers on what the best bait to use, I personally use fish frames, mullet or roo tails, and stay away from Chicken frames and pork as it is proven to make the crabs sick and they will not live long out of the water.

Now there will be a lot of you out there wondering what I CRAB is, it has been set up to teach people to crab the right way, already we are teaching student at 2 schools in this area on crabbing and looking after our crabstocks for the future generations. We are in the process of organising the 2nd I CRAB Classic to be held on the 23rd, 24th and 25th June 2017. If you would like to know more like us on the I CRAB facebook or Coucoms crabpots and fishing gear facebook page and we will help you out. Monies from this goes to Rescue helicopter, SES and Beyond Blue, the sale of the I CRAB shirts goes toward the teaching and lessons for the students.

Anyone wanting advise or information on fishing Central queensland or I CRAB, please contact us on coucomscrabpots@gmail.com and we will certainly help you out where we can.

Alan Coucom

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