Terms of Service

The Fishing Spots website is provided to users under the following conditions.

The information presented to users is provided as a guide, further information, such as weather conditions, swell, tides and environmental surroundings should be considered before fishing any location in Australia.

Fishing Spots is in no way affiliated with any fishing tackle company. Fishing Spots recommends lures based  on experience, success with a lure and advice from independent anglers. There are several factors that decide the appropriate lure to use, however Fishing Spots chose lures for each location. Fishing Spots number one priority is to help anglers catch fish with lures.

Fishing Spots accepts no responsibility for loss of equipment, damages to equipment, harm and/or injury incurred by individuals fishing at locations displayed on the Fishing Spots website. Fishing Spots recommends anglers check appropriate weather forecast before going fishing.

All Fishing Spots have been fished by a Fishing Spots associate. The Fishing Spots provided to the users are being improved and updated when information is presented.

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Fishing Spots has one goal, to help anglers catch and release more fish.