Frequently Ask Questions

Is there a fee to join Fishing Spots?

Fishing Spots is 100% free to join, we only ask for your name and email address. In the future we aim to give our users content delivered to your inbox to help you catch more fish.

How do you recommended lures?

Fishing Spots recommends lure that have caught fish at those particular fishing locations. Lures are picked and assigned to locations, giving that lure a 4-5 star rating. In some instances lures match the fish species and region, giving it a 3 star rating, if the lure only matches a region or a fish species then it will be a 2 star rating. Three stars and below means that lure will only be suitable for particular species in the area, for example if a location has creek, beach and offshore fishing, a small soft plastic will only match fish in the creek, thus being 2-3 stars.

Can I buy lures on Fishing Spots?

No. Fishing Spots only recommends lures. Our goal is to empower anglers with the knowledge and tools to catch fish.

What new features are coming to Fishing Spots?

Fishing Spots has many new features planned, if you would like to stay up to date about new features, please sign up.



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